To my 20 year old self

(Long post, no photos, grab a coffee)

Dear 20 year old me, 

Hi, its 19 year old you here (just turned as well). I hope you are making me proud! Here's just a little list of things I hope you've changed in the last year. 

I really hope you've got yourself a better job, if you didn't leave the cafe in summer 2014 I'll be disappointed! Why you even went back the second year I'll never know. If you've not done that, the chances are you've not done anything else I'm going to write, so you might as well stop reading now. Maybe you've gone back to college? Haha, unlikely but you might be different! As long as your job is full time, I'm happy. 

One thing I'm currently struggling with is friends. I really hope you've found some new ones that aren't as crap as some of the ones I've got at the moment. Not all my friends may I add, if any of them read this (which I know they do ;) hi guys!) But anyway, remember your 19th birthday? I hope your new better friends are better for your 20th. 
My current situation is that I want to move away from the island (for anyone who's reading this, yes I live on an island and no its not as fancy as it sounds), I currently want to move up with our beautiful best friend Elbow (Ellie to normal people). I expect you're probably thinking that was a stupid idea but you never know I might like it up there. If you've not moved up there I hope you go up regularly! At the end of the day you two have so much in common. The same with Hannah-Mae - she's just asked to go and see her, so I hope you have! A few times. 

This year you've got to get driving! I really hope you passed your test first time and hopefully even got your car running. If you have, I do hope you aren't taxiing anyone around!! 

I recently started a new hobby and I bloody hope you've carried that one otherwise I wasted over £200 on nothing. And currently its great - progressing well and the people are so nice! What's it like now?

One thing I really hope has changed are the boys you hang around with - we all know they're getting me no where (apart from Jameson). As for the ones that're hanging around like a bad smell (we both know who that is) I hope he's gone for good! I'm working on it now so I hope it changes. 

The last thing I hope has changed is your foul language, its not as bad as a chav or anything but I've started swearing so much and I don't even realise, I'm working on it but I hope swearing is down to a minimum in your life now. 

So yeah that's it! Hopefully 1 year on I'll be different. If any of you are going to or have wrote a letter to your future/past self send me the link as I would love to read it. I may also write a letter to my former self soon too, so let me know if you want to see that.

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx

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