My week in pictures | 5th October 2014

This week has been a busy one, so you'll be glad to know I got quite a few photos.

First of all, I went to bingo! It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but everyone needs to experience it once in their lives. 

I then babysitted my niece, she's 2 and she can take selfies!! I found this on my phone. 

I fell in love with my mums pony this week, he's always been a complete pain but this week we had some bonding time. There's a really cute video on my Instagram so go have a look. 

I then had my last day at work and my boss gave me all these cute gifts! 

My mum and I went for a lovely walk. She was happy even though she doesn't look it! 
These were too pretty not to share. 

I made this yummy pasta bake! 

Followed by ice cream covered in strawberry sauce because my inner child came out! Haha. 

This made me laugh, probably because it reminds me of myself. 

Blogging in the sun after work! 
I've never been so organised!! It's not even that much but I'm so proud hahaa.

That was my week! I was working a lot so couldn't take many interesting photos.  
Thanks for reading! :)
Abigale xo