My Week in Pictures | 28th June 2015

It's that time of the week again! Maybe its just me but I feel like this week has been so long. 

How are you and what have you been up to?

Sadly the majority of my week has been spent at the doctors but thankfully I managed to take pictures around that.

First off, this packet is a complete rip off, you literally get half a handful of chocolate. How can they charge so much for so little!? 

My dad is literally hilarious, for all that don't know I have a massive hate for peeling potatoes - it literally makes me gag.

My nephew used to love me dressing him up at 2 years old. He turned 6 this week and sadly won't let me do this again. 

I forgot how good this CD was! I love finding old CD's. 

I never knew there was such thing as blogging magazines! 

This pizza at the time wasn't that satisfying. Now a few days on I really want another one, anyone else get that? 

How cute is my niece? She asked me to take a photo of her too! What a poser. 

For my nephews birthday party I had the honour of pumping things up, great! 

This is literally my favourite dinner ever, its actually making me hungry just looking at it. 

#TBT to Isle of Wight Festival a few years ago. What was going on with my hair!?!
You will not understand how good this ice cream was! 

My niece again, this time she tried to take a selfie like me... Definitely a flattering angle hahaha. 

Very true! Keep aiming towards your goals. 

Welcome to the family! Blog post to come. 

Night out with my favourite girls! 

And a selfie. What do we think of my hair?
Birthday girl!

I want to eat this candle!! 

My brother just bought my dream car! I am in love!! 

So that's my week!
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  1. Love your week in pictures! What a great idea :)

    Thank you for sharing!