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This week is a little different than normal because I haven't just chosen one track, I have chosen a new up and coming band. If I'm honest, I couldn't actually decide which song I preferred so I picked them all. It's my blog so I guess I'm allowed right? It's only a quick one because I suck at writing about songs I listen to all the time...

...Anyway, may I introduce to you The Bulletproof Bomb! 5 teen boys rocking the 'typical indie' look and from South London. I must say they're a great live act and can definitely win a crowd.  

Their sound? Well it's indie of course, although for me they have a very familiar sound and the first time I listened to them I felt like I already knew the songs. There's no doubt about it that they've been influenced by Jamie T and I sense a bit of The Vaccines vibe in there too.
If you listen to their lyrics you can tell they're typical cheeky young lads who're just having a good time.
For me, I just love how upbeat and catchy their songs are. If I were to recommend one song to sing it would be Suitcase, I think that's my favourite at the moment. But then again, I can't actually decide.

I think I'll just leave a link to their YouTube and let you decide your favourite.
YouTube - The Bulletproof Bomb

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