My Week in Pictures | 5th July 2015

Hiya! How's your week been? 

I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of most of the interesting stuff I had done this week, silly me! 
This week I've become so motivated to do well, at what I'm not too sure yet. 

I tried a cookies and cream KitKat, they're so strange! Have you tried them? 

Thought I would draw on so huge eyebrows to distract the fact that I need mine done. (Not serious I must say). 

I never realised how nice these shoes were, I can't believe I've never worn them!! 

I have to bend down to see my head in my mirror :(

Of course, a selfie.
This candle is amazing! I need more. 

I ate a whole packet of strawberries. Look how nice they are! I really have no idea how people can not like strawberries. 

Dyed my hair again, blog post to follow. 

My attempt at getting a lightening photo... I can't believe how shocking the quality is. But anyway, we had a lightening storm in the UK this week. 

These sweets are amazing, I need to live in America. 

2 completely different colours! 

I live 10 seconds away from this, how lucky am I!! 

Cutie! Blog post to follow on this too. 

That's all from my gallery this week, I'm going to leave you with a quote I got from an app on my phone. 

Have a lovely week! 

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