Throwback Thursday | Where I Live

I know this is pretty boring photo but to me it means quite a lot. 
I absolutely love this place and I'm so lucky to live on an island like this. I've shared some lovely walks with people along this beach. Also had some weird experiences, I think it's a nudest beach as me and my mum found out!

I just feel like some of the people who live on this island don't appreciate what beauty they have right on their doorstep. As I don't intend on being here all my life, I'm trying to fully appreciate it whilst I still can. Sorry for sounding really soppy! I'd really like to see some of the places that you guys live because I'm sure they all have something beautiful that you don't really think much of.

Feel free to share pictures with me on any of my links, or you can just share your blog for me to check out. 

Was this really a throwback? Haha sorry, I guess it's an old photo so that counts right?! 

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