What and why I'm blogging

Why I'm blogging?
I like to keep myself occupied a lot of the time so I thought this would be a great way to keep me busy. I've always read blogs and always loved Zoella (as I'm sure everyone does). I often thought about starting a blog; back in 2011 I actually wrote a post about Ed Sheeran on this very blog, unfortunately that's as far as my blogging went as it wasn't very popular then and I thought that I am in no way clever enough to be doing stuff like that. Since then blogging has become a lot more popular and its not all about being super smart.

One of the main reasons I have started blogging now is because of my amazing friend Shannon, who has an amazing music blog, click here. She was the person who said to me "You should start blogging" and I just thought it sounded great. I know I've only just started blogging but I am so thankful already because it is great fun - I really do encourage people who are a bit on the fence to blog. Its great, Thanks Shan Shan!

What I blog about?
I don't really have a particular style and don't really know how my blog will turn out but I'm just going to post things I enjoy and things to motivate myself. I will probably post about music, fitness, horses, beauty and just my life haha, probably not very interesting but at least I've got something to look back on when I'm old!

Anyway, I talk a lot of rubbish so I'll just shut up now, if this interests anyone please do follow!

Thanks for reading! :)
Abbie xx

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