Halloween 2014!

My sister, her partner, my friend Vicky and myself all went out for Halloween so I thought I'd share the photos. (More so I can look back in years to come). Unfortunately I didn't get any photos with Vicky so just pretend she's there haha. 
Before the blood. 


Apologies for the chest! A guy thought it would be funny to cut my dress :( 

Steve got a bit excited with the blood! 

Sorry only had an instagrammed picture. 

My sister and her partner. 

Height difference!! 

The 3 of us. :) 

Vicky wasn't actually here at this point so that's why she wasn't in any photos. Then we went to hit the bars, I ended up going at 12 because I was sick haha, never drink Disaronno and Orange Juice!! 

Then of course, the snapchats in the morning. Add me: abigalewade    

How was your Halloween? What did you get up to? 

Thanks for reading :) 
Abigale xo 

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