My week in pictures | 26th October and 1st November 2014

Sorry I didn't upload one last week, I really didn't get many photos so I didn't see the point in boring you all with a really small post. Here's what I've been up to in the last 2 weeks (besides working). 

Yummy sweets. We bought them for Halloween but unfortunately family ate them before so we had to buy more. 

Love this! 

My nephew took selfies on my phone, this is his bad man pose apparently haha! 

My time hop says it was one year ago since I was doing this with my little man, we sadly no longer have him. :( 

The yard at night is so spooky! 

I tried one of these, I'm in love!! 

Had a little ride back from the field. 

As it says in the photo, haha. Add me on snapchat to see my daily life: abigalewade

How cool does the sky look?! 

Practicing zombie makeup for Halloween. 

My little sister pretended a bag of corn (chicken food) was her friend.. She actually gave it her music and tried to feed it crisps!! I know, she's a complete nutter. 

Just packed all my Halloween stuff to go to my older sisters, surprisingly I'm not going as a goth but the whole lot is black! 

Nails, done! Still love my matte black nail varnish. 

Alcohol, ready! 

My sister and I for Halloween! 

So yeah, that's all it really been up to.
How has your week been? 

Abigale xo 


  1. Love the zombie makeup!

  2. great makeup;)

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