My week in pictures | 9th November 2014

This week has been such a good week for me! Thank god things are on the up. 

My week started with watching The Addams Family on Netflix. 

This is just a song I'm obsessed with this week. 

At the yard when it's cold is no fun! 

Look at these rainbows!! I've never seen one so dark before! 

Later that evening the clouds were crazy! 

Who used to have these as a kid? 

Wise words.

This week I went and saw my old ponies, I miss them so much! :(

Job interview! 

If I had a good camera I'm sure this photo would have looked better. 

I found this old town hall in a tiny village, the door was literally about 4ft high! 

Classic song right here. 

With! Now I've got a much better job, I just hope it works out. 

This is the pier near where I live, how different does the see look either side! 

So yeah that's my week in pictures, I actually went out last night (Saturday) but the photos aren't actually up yet so I can't so you that but I'll do it in next weeks one. 

How was your week? 

Abigale xo 

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