Break from blogging?

Break from blogging?

I'm going to have a bit of a break from blogging for a bit, I've got a lot going on and don't really feel like writing on here too. I'll be back don't worry, in the meantime I'm still on Twitter and Instagram, links are at the side x
Have a good Christmas everyone xxx

5 favourite things about Christmas | BLOGMAS 2014

5 favourite things about Christmas | BLOGMAS 2014

We all got those special things we love about Christmas, so I thought I'd share mine. 

First thing on my list 
Cake!! I love making Christmas cakes, in fact I've already made some! I like making cakes in general but Christmas ones are better because you can put loads of decorations on. 

Second is decorating the Christmas tree 
My mum has an obsession with putting loads of stuff on the tree so it looks crazy, but I love it!! 

Next is chocolate! 
I eat way too much over Christmas! 

Family time 
The only time I really enjoy family time, purely because everyone is happy! 

Home Alone 
Best Christmas film ever! Everyone has to agree! I'm sure we've all seen it? 

That's my top 5, what are yours? 

Merry Christmas! 
Abigale xo

If I could have anything for Christmas | BLOGMAS

If I could have anything for Christmas | BLOGMAS

So I've created this Christmas list for if I was rich, we can dream right? If any rich person would like to donate please do! 

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like: 

Audi TT in White 

Jack Wills Austerberry Blazer 

MacBook Air 

Thanks all I'd ask for! I'm not asking for much really am I? Haha! 

What would you ask for? 

Merry Christmas! 

Abigale xo 

November Favourites

November Favourites

How quick has this month gone!? But thankfully this month the tables have turned and luck is finally on my side! Anyway, things I've been loving this month. 

Muller Corner Yoghurts 
I think I have a thing for yoghurts at the moment, I had the Munch Bunch one in my last favourites! I'm sure we've all tried them and I know they're really old. 

Ricky Rayment 
He's been my crush for the past month. I have a big thing for men with beards and his is very on point. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's from a British programme TOWIE. 

I'm a celebrity get me out of here 
Again, an English programme (do any other countries have this?) it only started halfway through the month but I love it! 

My new job! 
Apologies for the hideous photo. But I got a job within the NHS and it's amazing, the people are so great and the job is confusing but amazing. 

This probably doesn't count but all I seem to have done this week is collect loads of motivating pictures. I'm trying to be the best I can possibly be (cringe, that's my old high school motto) finally I've found something I want to do and I've got a direction I want to go in! Only 3 years late haha. 

My bed 
I know you'll all probably think this is not a favourite but let me explain! This past month has been so busy with horses, family commitments and battling 3 jobs at one point, I've literally had no time to sleep. I cannot survive without a decent amount of sleep so it's been so hard being apart from my bed for so long each day, because of this I've been ill for the past 2 weeks! :( so now I treasure every moment I get haha - sad I know. 

One Direction 
I forgot how good they were! I saw them on Children in Need (British again) and it just reminded me of what I've been ignoring, they've all turned so attractive and the music they make now is perfect! 

That's all for my favourites this month. Sorry none of them were particularly new but as I said I've been so busy I've not actually had time to explore the world! Next month should be better because my life will be much more settled! (Hopefully) 

What're your favourites? Also if you've done a favourites post leave it in the comments and I'll check it out! 

Thanks for reading! :)
Abigale xo