5 favourite things about Christmas | BLOGMAS 2014

We all got those special things we love about Christmas, so I thought I'd share mine. 

First thing on my list 
Cake!! I love making Christmas cakes, in fact I've already made some! I like making cakes in general but Christmas ones are better because you can put loads of decorations on. 

Second is decorating the Christmas tree 
My mum has an obsession with putting loads of stuff on the tree so it looks crazy, but I love it!! 

Next is chocolate! 
I eat way too much over Christmas! 

Family time 
The only time I really enjoy family time, purely because everyone is happy! 

Home Alone 
Best Christmas film ever! Everyone has to agree! I'm sure we've all seen it? 

That's my top 5, what are yours? 

Merry Christmas! 
Abigale xo

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