Monthly Goals | August 2015

How's your month been? I think I've done quite a lot of my goals this month! Let's take a look...

 Last months goals 
Read another Harry Potter book. Ok maybe I didn't do this BUT I have read another 2 books instead! So that's better then not reading at all right?

Clean my car, myself! I can't believe I actually did this! Not very well mind but I still did it. 

Get back to work. I did! Sort of.

Workout a couple times each week. I am so on my fitness game recently, so so happy about this. I'm starting to think, I want to run a marathon. I know that's quite a big thing but one day and it'll be something to work towards.

August goals

Work harder on my blog. I feel like I'm being really rubbish with my blog posts recently.

Try and do as much as possible. This month I want to work hard and do as much as possible.

Read 2 more books. I'm going to set my target low so that I can achieve it.

Meet some new bloggers. This is my favourite thing to do! I love meeting new people.

What would you like to achieve this month?

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Abigale xo


  1. Goal setting is a great way to motivate and help yourself stay on track, love the fitness one!

    1. It really is! I love doing it :) thank you x

  2. Hi :) I'm a new blogger and just came across your blog so thought I'd say hello! Loving what I've read so far, feel free to take a look at my (very bare and brand new) blog x

  3. It's lovely that you set up monthly goals for yourself. :)


  4. These are great goals, thanks for the inspiration. Charlotte:) x

  5. I've just came across your blog and I'm now hooked haha! You're doing a great job xx

  6. No matter how small the list is it's great that you have goals. Writing down goals actually helps you to achieve them, I usually write them down and nail it to the wall by my computer desk. It keeps me on track. I have read all the Harry Potter books more than once so I don't think I'll be reading those again.Keep up the good work you're doing great

    1. Thank you! I used to write them on sticky notes but I found myself just subtly throwing some in the bin and pretending they never existed. Now they're online to the world I feel like I have to do it! Sadly I got bored of the Harry Potter books because I've already seen the films so I became very unmotivated x