Guest Post | My Favourite Summer Trends

Trends, tendencies… During every season there are some pieces that stand from all the others. Those pieces that we find almost everywhere, on the streets, the stores, the internet…

Today I’m here to talk about my favorite trends of this summer. I have to say that during summer I love to wear bohemian outfits, the ones that reminds us of festivals and days on the beach.

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This is probably my favourite trend of this summer. You can see it everywhere! Tops, jackets, skirts, shoes.. And also in different colours. Nude, camel, black, white, grey.. Seriously, I love this trend and mostly in bohemian outfits. It looks amaziiiiinggg!

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Well, this is the trend that makes me think twice about which is my favorite. I just love this kind of sandals! They are so pretty. You can find them shorter or higher. I love both of them. I think they look so pretty with shorts, skirts, dresses and rompers!

C:\Users\Ana\Desktop\guest post\off the shoulder.png

Bare shoulders is one of the sexiest things on earth! And that’s why I love this trend. I mean, you can wear one pair of jeans but if you add one off shoulders top to the outfit.. Hello girl! I love them in all the colours, with patterns or simple, with lace..

C:\Users\Ana\Desktop\guest post\2 pieces set.png

This year I saw lots of girls wearing this kind of sets and I really like them! And they have one biiig advantage: you can create many different outfits because you can use the two pieces together or not! And if you use them together it almost looks like you’re wearing a dress or a romper! They’re seriously super cool!

C:\Users\Ana\Desktop\guest post\denim skirts.png

Do you remember when you were a child and your mother used to make you use a denim skirt?! Well, I do. And I remember that I wasn’t a big fan of them! But now I love to see girls wearing them. Girls look so cute with them!

C:\Users\Ana\Desktop\guest post\palm trees.png

This isn’t a new trend too but I still loving it. I’m a big fan of this pattern and I like it in all the colours but I have to say that the traditional green and white is my favorite. I love to see it in tops but also in shorts and shoes.

So these are my favorite summer trends! Now it’s time for you to tell me yours!

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  1. They all look so pretty. I would probably pick umm off the shoulders as my fave xx

  2. I love the first two picks on your list, Abbie. I am thrilled suede has become a transitional fabric. The off-the-shoulder trend may not transition, as well, once it becomes cold but for now it is such a great combination of ladylike and sexy.


    1. Thank you, don't forget to check out Ana's blog xx

  3. OMG So cute! My fave is N3 The off the shoulder ones because I always wear off the shoulder tops in every season :)

    1. I think that's my favourite too! I definitely need more off the shoulder outfits xx