Jar of Motivation | DIY

Here's a quick DIY motivation jar or bucket idea.
I made mine about 4/5 years ago and because I'm not in the slightest bit creative I thought it would be funny to put motivation in a Maltesers jar. Obviously I recommend using a nice jar or tin so that it looks cute. It's super easy and quick to make too!

First find a jar, tin or bucket. Size depends on how much you want to put in it.

 Then find all your favourite motivational quotes and print them or write them on pieces of paper. 
Cut them out and fold them up.

Simply put them all in the jar and then you can pull them out randomly.

 I like having a lid on mine so that I can shake it about and each bit of motivation is picked at random.

That's all there is to it! Maybe I'm the only one who finds things like this helpful, who knows.
Let me know if you've got anything similar?

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Abigale xo


  1. What a cute idea! Love the maltesers box haha. x

  2. Love this! I could deifnitely do with one on my work desk :P
    Love the quote you pulled out too!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you make one xx

  3. What a wonderful idea! So good for a little pick me up & motivation :)

    Definitely love the quote you picked out, I'm such a worrier, it makes total sense. I should stop haha! I also love that you put it in a maltesers tub, I would definitely go for it more if I thought chocolate was inside, or I made it pretty, whatever haha!

    Fab post hun :)

    Love Claire xx


    1. Me too! I'm definitely one to carry an umbrella around! Thank you :) xx

  4. Aw this is so cute! I do something similar where i collect pebbles from every holiday I go on and then write the place name and date on it in marker pen or paint, and then collect them all in a huge mason jar. Creates so many great memories!<3 Lovely idea x

  5. Great idea, we all need a little motivation sometimes! I love the fact it's motivation in a malteaser jar but not in the way you would think lol.


    1. Aw thank you! I love having it in a Maltesers tub haha xx

  6. I would love to do this, though I think I would be disappointed at having no malteasers.. lol

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

    1. Hahaha! Maybe don't use a malteasers tub then. I'm surprised I can cope with it actually xx