My Week in Pictures | 31st May 2015

Again, haven't done a lot this week due to personal reasons but nevertheless I have plenty of pointless pictures in my gallery this week. Hope you all had a good week! 

So I was going to do a fashion post and then I realised how unfashionable I actually am! 

Look how orange my hair is here!! 

Here are some photos from my trip to a wildlife centre near me. 

My sister doing the contemplating life pose. 

My nephew loving the camera. 

My niece taking a selfie while doing the contemplating life pose. 

Tropical house. 

Feeding the wallabies 

Shame the chair was soaked! 

Pretty or what

After seeing the photo at the top of the post made me dye my hair again. My brothers lovely girlfriend kindly did it for me. 

Much better! What do you think? I have a feeling I may have got it a bit too high.

That's all from me this week, how was your week?

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