My Week in Pictures | 9th August 2015

Hiya! How are you doing this week? 

It's currently Sunday night and it's safe to say, this week has killed me. I am so tired and for some reason I keep waking up super early! 

I'd just like to say quick, I apologise for the lack of interesting photos this week. I know I said I have been busy but the things I've been doing weren't really picturable (is that a work. I think I just created it.)

How could you not start the week with a selfie? This is shockingly the only one I have on my gallery this week! 

Please note this. I don't doubt any of you, follow your dreams. 

Who remembers these as children? They were my favourite. I would like to get the full collection to add to my bookcase. 

My niece wanted the same nails as me, she's only 3 but seriously that is just the cutest thing ever. 

The first time I've ever seen this, I started reading the book but I found it pretty boring. The film is so bloody weird, but good. Have any of you guys seen it? 

So I cleaned my car properly at some point this week and I found this in the backseat. It's a cigarette burn in my seat. Now this has really bugged me because I don't even smoke and I absolutely hate it! So angry at whoever did it!

How cute is George?! He's still pretty timid but we're getting there. 

My friend went and got some photos of us developed and they seem to have cut our heads out! I found this pretty funny so I thought I would share. 

So I bought a Macbook Pro, which I am currently blogging on for the first time. It's still pretty confusing as I've always had Windows laptops. Exciting times! 

Look at how cute these flowers are in our garden. They've literally grown in no time at all! 

So that's all I had for this week. What about you? What have you been up to? 

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Abigale xo


  1. Hope you get your heads back :-)

  2. Gone Girl is such an astonishing movie. I was astounded the entire time I was watching it. It is such a shame someone did not admit they burned a cigarette hole in the seat of your car. Thanks for sharing what you have had going on lately. I wonder why no one noticed the heads were cut off while taking the photos. It is so funny. Have a great week.


    1. It really is! I was gripped the whole time.
      Whoever burnt it, I'm guessing didn't realise because no one has come forward - or they're just being rude!
      With the photos I don't understand why the company printing them didn't realise!
      Thanks for reading xx

  3. I thought this was a cute blog!

  4. George is such a cutie! I would love to give him a hug <3

    1. He's such a cutie! Although he isn't as cuddly as Percy which is really annoying! Xx

  5. Love this week in pictures idea! Congrats on the new computer!