Guest Post | Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

Hi, I'm Mike, and Abbie has kindly agreed to let me guest post on her blog today.

What I'm going to blog about is today.  If you're not aware, it's Friday, names after Frigg, the wife of Odin in Norse mythology.  Apparently 1,554 years ago the Roman Emperor Majorian was beheaded (I now feel bad, because until I searched for "August 7" on Wikipedia I didn't even know that there was a Roman Emperor called Majorian, and I'm sure if you said to the chap about 1,556 years ago "You know that you're currently ruling the Roman Empire?  In the future lots of people won't even know that you ever existed" it would have definitely dented his ego)

But also, Friday 7th August 2015 is Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day.

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day is a day to note and indeed complain about excessive packaging on everyday items.  Who of us haven't noted with irony of needing a pair of scissors to open a package containing a pair of scissors? Or the need to obtain a petrol-powered chainsaw to have any chance at all of releasing a microSD card from its wrapping?
Fingernails definitely aren't enough.

I live my life generally in one of two states - I am either "doing things", or "not doing things".  When I am "not doing things", I am doing nothing.  Maybe I'm blogging - that's not really a chore - but otherwise I'm sat, watching TV, or playing a computer game.  And I have no intention of changing from that state, unless something exceptional occurs e.g. someone brings me a pizza.

When I am "doing things", I am typically doing whatever it is - working, DIY, shopping etc - as quickly and as thoroughly as I can, in order to be able to return to my favourite state (which, for the avoidance of doubt, is "not doing things").  So, when I buy a tool, it's for a purpose, it's to let me do something so that then I can crack on with more valuable things.

Here's me in the middle of a pint of more valuable things.

And it is really very irritating when you are held up by see-through plastic wrapping which is tough enough to protect you from the radiation outfall of a small nuclear bomb (I exaggerate of course, the packaging around a pair of scissors would barely stop a bullet).

But worse yet is when this extreme approach to wrapping is taken with items that really don't need it.
For clarity, the image above is of rubber band balls.  Encased in impenetrable plastic casing.

Because if there's one thing more dangerous than, say, a chainsaw (which tends to come in an easy to open cardboard box), it's a ball of rubber bands.

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  1. I have broken things trying to get them out of that awful packaging, and had to buy a replacement. But, I am kind of a neanderthal.

    1. Oh no! Hahaha that doesn't sound very good x

  2. Oh I can relate. I have broken nails trying to open a package.

  3. Kids toys are the worst to try and open!

    1. Especially when they want them open straight away! X