Visiting | Blackgang Chine

A couple of weeks ago my mum, dad, little sister, nephew and I went to a place called Blackgang Chine. For those of you who have no idea what it is, apparently its the UK's oldest amusement park. Basically its just full of loads of random attractions and a few small rides. I always used to go there as a child but as it's right on the edge of a continuously falling cliff a lot of it has gone or changed from when I went. Anyway, whilst I was there, I took loads of photos so I thought I would share them with you or my future self. Sorry they're only taken on my iPhone! 

If you made it to the end give yourself a pat on the back! Sorry there are so many photos, believe me I took about 10 times more than I posted. At least I've saved you £25 because you no longer need to go, right?

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