My experience at the Isle of Wight Festival 2016

Most of you probably aren't aware but from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th June I went to a festival near to where I live. I was fortunate enough to be my best friends plus one as she was reviewing the weekend for a magazine. This meant we got VIP, which was pretty cool. Not only that she managed to get us Jack Daniels wristbands, allowing us to get backstage at the Jack Rocks tent. Yep we definitely had a good weekend.

Who did I see?

BUSTED!! They were definitely my favourite! I definitely relived my childhood seeing these. They were even better than I had thought. Highly recommend seeing these.
I also saw big acts like Faithless, Queen and The Who. However I spent the majority of my time in the Jack Rocks tent and may I say there were some fab acts, Yak gave a completely eye opening performance, I've never seen someone pass their guitar out to the crowd or try to hump the stage scaffolding with their guitar - yes this actually happened! Some of my favourites from Jack Rocks were probably Paves, The Amazons, Mantras and annoyingly Judas (lets not talk about them).

What was my highlight?
The highlight for me was definitely spending the weekend with my best friend Shannon, she's just so cool and is doing ridiculously well for herself. I spent the whole weekend telling her how proud I was of her, which definitely got annoying.

Any stupid things happen?
Yep, a lot. I'm not going to go into some of it on this post, we're keeping this clean, but yes I am probably a whore. I just hate how people get the wrong impression, mainly the opposite sex but still.

What have I taken away from it?
Well I have learnt a lot from my weekend actually! The first being that I am a fantastic cupid, well if you're looking for a one night thing anyway. Another thing I have taken away from it is that I shouldn't trust boys in bands. They are smelly, weird and probably on drugs - even if they are pretty attractive and their music is good.
I have made loads of friends! That's an amazing thing. It has also brought me closer to an old school friend which is great.
The last thing I have taken away is that I need to live more. I got stuck in this whole 'eat, sleep, work, repeat' routine and I forgot that there is actually a world out there full of amazing people that I need to meet. Look out London, I'm coming for you..

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  1. Can't wait for you to come to London misses!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend and I wanna know all the dirty details please in whatsapp haha!!

    Love Hannah xx