Favourite Acts at Glastonbury 2016

This year has been incredible! I'm pretty glad I got to watch from the comfort of my own home rather than in a mud swamped field and getting wet. Radio 1 kindly streamed everything so we were able to pretend we were all at the notorious festival. I thought I would share a couple of my faves with you because I've watched so many performances and I need to pretend I'm doing it for a reason ok.
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I am absolutely obsessed with this band at the moment, after seeing them at Isle of Wight and my friend telling me how good they were I thought I would give them a go. So glad I did because when I watched their Glasto set it reminded me of two weeks ago. Their new single is out now and I highly recommend you check it out, it's called Charlemagne FYI. Personally I think these guys sound even better live than on their tracks although still amazing.

Jake Bugg
Where do you even start with Mr Bugg. I guess he's got a very love hate voice but for me, I LOVE. I think I'm a bit biased because I have never seen him do a bad performance. For me it was great to see him playing his older music as I was a huge lover of his first album. It's interesting that lights remained fairly dark during his performance, making it a little harder to see his usual emotionless face. Either way the suspense makes me have a crush on him that little bit more.

Lady Leshurr
She's such a breath of fresh air, especially for a grime fan like myself. Its amazing to see a girl doing so well in a very male populated scene. Using popular backing tracks such as "Know Me From" by Stormy and covering a snippet of "Werk by Rihanna" definitely energised the crowd. She definitely knows how to hype a crowd.

When I first heard Adele was going to be headlining the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday I honestly thought what the hell. Don't get me wrong she is an incredible singer and I would absolutely love to see her live. But to play a festival? I wasn't too sure.  Well how wrong was I! I actually put off watching her performance for a while because I thought it would be a little boring. Again I was wrong, it was brilliant! She has the best personality and really connected with the crowd. The sound of thousands singing along side her was truly breathtaking! I didn't actually realise how many of her songs I actually knew too, very impressed.

Of course I'm going to mention Coldplay, its just standard. When do they ever give a bad performance? It was great to see that when they had a technical issue halfway through the set, front man Chris Martin took to the stage alone to perform Everglow. Another breathtaking moment was when they paid tribute to Viola Beach whom sadly lost their lives alongside manager Craig Tarry earlier this year. This performance as a whole just proves that they haven't been outdated and are still as loveable as ever. Definitely a band I NEED to see live!

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