2015 - Best Bits

What a year 2015 has been. Sadly 2015 hasn't been the best year, maybe I'll put that in another post. Here's some of the best memories I have. 

I was reunited with my childhood best friend (middle) and I met the lovely Tia (right) who I fancy massively. 

 My birthday was cool. It definitely taught me a lot! And I am no longer a teenager. 

I spent many hours in hair salons getting my hair dyed blonde. 

Ps. I know it looks a little ratty here. 

During the middle of the year I got these babies!! Love them so much. 

Isle of Wight Festival was amazing!! 

I feel like my blog has gotten so much better this year, I've changed it around so much and I'm actually really enjoying it. 

 BESTIVAL! No more needs to be said. 

 I met this girl at the beginning of the year and she is seriously amazing. 

 I think this year was the year that my obsession with pizza really took hold. I have probably eaten over 100 pizzas this year I reckon. Sorry but just look how nice it is. 

 I have literally learnt SO much about life this year. I strongly believe in having a positive mind. I've stopped with the bitchiness and now I feel so much better about everything. 

 My cake making skills have increased INCREDIBLY this year. I have had so many compliments on them. I'll just become a baker then yeah? 

 I adopted Polly! She's so bloody cute it's unreal. Even if she does keep me up at night. 

 My little sister is still an annoying little brat but she's actually pretty funny. She does the most random things and she's cheered me up so much this year. So thanks Char. 

Elegant Touch Nails walked into my life. How have I only just discovered these? They are AMAZING. 

Oh and how could I forget! I bought a Macbook Pro! So worth it! 

I think that's the main things that happened in 2015, not much exciting because sadly it wasn't the greatest. Anyway 2016 is going to be better and I am so excited!! 

What was the best bits of the year for you? 


  1. Great post! That massive picture of pizza has now got me massively craving pizza!

    I wish you all the best for 2016.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. Looks like you met some lovely people throughout the year! I hope that 2016 is all you could wish for!

    1. Aw thank you! I hope 2016 is good for you too! Xx

  3. Mateeeeee, you forgot the numerous times we've sat in the cars, having a good old bitching sesh. Mainly a particular someone, but you know, I've always wanted to be stalked. #summer15throwback

  4. Cutest little bunny! Happy new year! X

    From veganism to fashion to 1D, the highlights of 2015 over on hailandharmony.blogspot.ie

  5. Seems to me you have lots going on in 2015 (than me). That's so great! I didn't have any exciting events happening. Oh well! Happy New Year!

    Naqibah | talkandblabber.blogspot.com

    1. Really, I didn't think much happened this year! I hope you have a good year xx

  6. Oh my god I so want pizza now!! Great collection of photos. Your Guinea pigs are too cute and must say I'm loving the salon "selfie" haha!
    Think one of my highlights was a new job but most importantly starting my blog and meeting some great people.

    Love Hannah xx


    1. Me too, I could do with any food right now to be honest! Haha definitely meeting blogger friends has been amazing! Xx

  7. I've learn't a lot this year in terms of positivity too :) & love the mac, I'm hoping to get one soon!

    Shelise xx | SHELISES WORLD

    1. It's nice to see a lot more people are learning about being positive. Thank you! I hope you get one soon too xx