8 favourite Christmas jumpers

Whilst I was buying some clothes online I noticed that there were loads of cool Christmas jumpers around this year, I thought I would do a quick post to show my favourites. They aren't in an order but if I could buy them all I definitely would. 

This is just the funniest Christmas jumper! Definitely one you'll only get away with this year though. 

I think this one is a little bit cheeky but I love it and I love Binky from MiC so of course I'm going to like her clothing. 

Is this not the cutest jumper ever? It's so nice and simple and I just love it. 

I LOVE the design on this, it's so cute. It's a little bit pricey but I imagine it's good quality. If I could justify spending that much on a Christmas jumper I would have it. 

This is the truest Christmas jumper around this year.

This is very accurate, who even likes sprouts?!

I literally love this design, I actually bought this jumper last year but I still love it!

How cute is this one!!

That's all the good jumpers I could find this year, what are your faves? 


  1. awww I love the Missguided Christmas Tree one, so so cute x


  2. I love all these sweaters. This post made me smile. Great blog babe !


  3. These are too cute! Love then. Thanks for posting them. I like the last one!