8 reasons why I don't read your blog

8 reasons why I don't read your blog

  1. Your posts aren't original 
  2. Your blog only fits a specific niche
  3. You're mostly showing off what you have 
  4. I am not benefitting or relating from what you write about 
  5. You automatically tweet about your blog ALL THE TIME! 
  6. Your posts have far too long 
  7. Your unoriginal flat lay photos with irrelevant props in do not interest me
  8. I simply haven't got time 
I'm sorry and I know how much time you out into your posts but please don't waste your time. Three tips to make your blog more appealing.
  1. Keep it short and sweet
  2. Make it original 
  3. Don't ram it down peoples throats, if they want to read it they will

Growing up and losing friends

Growing up and losing friends

"Why should I care about others when they don't care about me?" Often something I say to myself when I get let down. So many times I find myself running after people when they've called me for help, they upset or angry about something. Every time I'm there giving hours of my time to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on. I will text my friends and ask 'how are you?' Only to be bombarded with everything going on in their life, which is great and I want to know everything that happens, but after that the conversation will end and I have very few friends who will actually ask how I am and see what's going on in my life.

Over the past year this has made me realise, I do not need this people in my life. I only want people who can support me and will benefit me, maybe this is selfish? But after all it is my life so why can't I be the centre of it?

A few months ago I decided enough was enough and it was time to let those people go. So if you are planning on binning the crap friends here are a few reassuring words.

It doesn't make you a bad person because you don't want to hang out with someone anymore.

You weren't born to live your life wasting hours on one sided friends.

There are people out there who actually care about you, spend more time with them!

To find those one sided friends, ask them how they are and see if 1, they ask you the same, and 2, if they actually listen to your answer.

Good luck xo

All New Miley

All New Miley

New laid back loving Miley is back with track 'Malibu', the first track from her yet to be titled album. It is undoubtedly more tame than previous hits, such as 'Wrecking Ball' with the lyrics being a lot more personal and meaningful. 'I always thought I would sink, so I never swam' is my favourite quote from the track. Can you tell it's inspired by on/off lover Liam Hemsworth? 
Listen to it on Spotify below

5 things to achieve by June 2017

5 things to achieve by June 2017

I'm giving myself 16 days to start changing my life, how hard can it be?! 
Here's a list of 5 things I plan to do within those 16 days. 

1. Reach my daily footsteps goal everyday 

2. Go for a run 

3. Finish reading a book 

4. Don't get involved in gossip 

5. Do one thing that scares me each day 

I will report back on June 1st with my achievements (or failures). 

Getting over sleeping with a someone you regret

Getting over sleeping with a someone you regret

It's inevitable that at some point in your life you are going to sleep with someone who in the future, you're probably going to regret. Unfortunately for me, 80% of mine have been regrets and most of which have been serious wrongens', seriously, what was I thinking!?

So here's a few tips on how I have managed to overcome the trauma that was a terrible sexual encounter.

The more you deny it the more people will talk about it 
Even though it is a big deal to you, don't let others see that because then they can always say "remember that time to slept with" *shudders* I instantly cringe when anyone says that.

See it as a learning curve
This goes with anything you do, but at least when a good guy comes along, you'll appreciate it.

Get yourself checked! 
This is pretty much a standard, but if they get around a bit then it's definitely worth being extra safe.

Don't be mad at them
It isn't their fault you think they're vile, just remember there is somebody out there that will love them, so don't knock their confidence. You two just aren't compatible.

And the last point, don't get with them ever again! Even if you get desperate.