Getting over sleeping with a someone you regret

It's inevitable that at some point in your life you are going to sleep with someone who in the future, you're probably going to regret. Unfortunately for me, 80% of mine have been regrets and most of which have been serious wrongens', seriously, what was I thinking!?

So here's a few tips on how I have managed to overcome the trauma that was a terrible sexual encounter.

The more you deny it the more people will talk about it 
Even though it is a big deal to you, don't let others see that because then they can always say "remember that time to slept with" *shudders* I instantly cringe when anyone says that.

See it as a learning curve
This goes with anything you do, but at least when a good guy comes along, you'll appreciate it.

Get yourself checked! 
This is pretty much a standard, but if they get around a bit then it's definitely worth being extra safe.

Don't be mad at them
It isn't their fault you think they're vile, just remember there is somebody out there that will love them, so don't knock their confidence. You two just aren't compatible.

And the last point, don't get with them ever again! Even if you get desperate.

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  1. Haha you do make me laugh Abbie! But you're right, we all do it. Well most of us anyway. Like you said we learn from it and rather than dwell on the past, look to the future. Such a valid point you made about "don't be mad at them"!
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes