My Week in Pictures | 28th June 2015

My Week in Pictures | 28th June 2015

It's that time of the week again! Maybe its just me but I feel like this week has been so long. 

How are you and what have you been up to?

Sadly the majority of my week has been spent at the doctors but thankfully I managed to take pictures around that.

Jar of Motivation | DIY

Jar of Motivation | DIY

Here's a quick DIY motivation jar or bucket idea.
I made mine about 4/5 years ago and because I'm not in the slightest bit creative I thought it would be funny to put motivation in a Maltesers jar. Obviously I recommend using a nice jar or tin so that it looks cute. It's super easy and quick to make too!

First find a jar, tin or bucket. Size depends on how much you want to put in it.

 Then find all your favourite motivational quotes and print them or write them on pieces of paper. 
Cut them out and fold them up.

Simply put them all in the jar and then you can pull them out randomly.

 I like having a lid on mine so that I can shake it about and each bit of motivation is picked at random.

That's all there is to it! Maybe I'm the only one who finds things like this helpful, who knows.
Let me know if you've got anything similar?

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The Bulletproof Bomb | Track of the Week

The Bulletproof Bomb | Track of the Week

This week is a little different than normal because I haven't just chosen one track, I have chosen a new up and coming band. If I'm honest, I couldn't actually decide which song I preferred so I picked them all. It's my blog so I guess I'm allowed right? It's only a quick one because I suck at writing about songs I listen to all the time...

...Anyway, may I introduce to you The Bulletproof Bomb! 5 teen boys rocking the 'typical indie' look and from South London. I must say they're a great live act and can definitely win a crowd.  

Their sound? Well it's indie of course, although for me they have a very familiar sound and the first time I listened to them I felt like I already knew the songs. There's no doubt about it that they've been influenced by Jamie T and I sense a bit of The Vaccines vibe in there too.
If you listen to their lyrics you can tell they're typical cheeky young lads who're just having a good time.
For me, I just love how upbeat and catchy their songs are. If I were to recommend one song to sing it would be Suitcase, I think that's my favourite at the moment. But then again, I can't actually decide.

I think I'll just leave a link to their YouTube and let you decide your favourite.
YouTube - The Bulletproof Bomb

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My Week in Pictures | 21st June 2015

My Week in Pictures | 21st June 2015

The weather has been lovely this week! Well in the UK anyway. I really need to start doing more interesting things with my days so that I have interesting things to put in these posts. Nevertheless here's the photos from my phone gallery this week. 

The Isle of Wight Festival was probably the biggest thing I had done in a few months or possibly even this year!

Had a sneaky KFC with a lovely view, which you stupidly can't actually see! 

I also treated myself to some sweets. Not the same day I must add. 

Look at how small this chicken was in comparison to the bun. McDonald's what are you doing?!

My new love, Mr Paolo Nutini... Dreamy. 

Always taking selfies me. I think I'm hoping it'll make me prettier. 

Cannot believe I have started and finished it already :( 
Lets just take a second to appreciate how messy my room got over the past week, this was just one corner. Thankfully I've worked my Cinderella magic on it since.
Brown hair or blonde? I'm not sure if I like it blonde anymore. 
Your opinions would really help! :)

I think I'm a pancake queen, either that or I'm just having festival crepe withdrawals. 
Deep but very true, not all 'true' friends are on your side. Sadly I learned the hard way.

Now I know this sounds stupid, but I am pretty strong and people always underestimate me because I'm so twig-like. Is it possible to have invisible muscles? If so I definitely think I have. 

Can you tell Maltesers are on offer at my local shop? Haha.
This is what I like to call my lunch because I was too lazy to make anything. 
Anyone else ever have post-festival blues? I'm suffering badly.

How has your week been?

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Would You Rather? | Tag

Would You Rather? | Tag

 20 questions

 1. Would you rather walk around all day with you skirt tucked in your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?
I think I would rather a see through dress, its practically fashionable anyway right? 
2. Would you rather go to a party and not realize until the end of the night that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?
I'm sure we've all experienced both at some point! I would rather have lipstick on my teeth, it would be less obvious.

3. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget to put eyeliner on one eye?
Forget mascara definitely! 

4. Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades too light or go way overboard on bronzer?
Go overboard on the bronzer. I REALLY hate it when people wear foundation that is too light, being darker I can slightly cope with. 

5. Would you rather only eat your favourite food for one year or never eat it again? 
Never eat it again, I'm currently fearing this question may soon become reality though. 

6. Would you rather have constantly hairy armpits or hairy legs?
Hairy legs. not sure why but I just feel it's a little more hygienic.

7. Would you rather date a celeb who pretends you don't exist or a homeless person who adores you more than anything? 
Date a celeb who pretends you don't exist, then you can take their money and have another relationship with the homeless person who adores you. It's a dog eat dog world I guess.

8. Would you rather have no fingers or no toes?
No toes, hate them. 

9. Would you rather always have greasy hair or always have bad breath?
Always have greasy hair, nothing worse than bad breath! 

10. Would you rather never tan again (real or fake) or never wear make up again?
I would rather never wear make up again. If I had a tan I am more than comfortable to not wear make up. 

11. Would you rather attend a festival or have 3/4 consecutive nights out? 
FESTIVAL! All day everyday.

12. Would you rather earn your money or have someone provide for you?
Earn it, you would get so bored living off of someone else wouldn't you? 

13. Would you rather have a bad fashion sense or wear your makeup like a clown everyday? 
Bad fashion, I do anyway.

14. Would you rather have an Iphone or Android?
Iphone all the way!

15. Would you rather have loads of Instagram followers or Twitter followers? 
Instagram is the way forward.

16. Would you rather live in the city or countryside?
City I think, but I've never lived there so I can't really say. 

17. Would you rather have loads of fake friends or few true friends? 
I know the typical answer to this is true friends. For me, I'm happy to have loads of fake friends. From my experience even true friends will back stab at some point. That's life! 
God that was dark! I apologise and I do actually love my very few true amazing friends. 

18. Would you rather have your dream job but paid very little or a really boring job but paid a lot?
Boring job but money. Then you can do fun things after work!

19. Would you rather date someone older or younger?
I've always said older but currently I've a massive attraction to guys a year or 2 younger.. What's happening to me. 

20. Would you rather call or text?
Text - so much more convenient for everyone. 

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My Week in Pictures | 14th June 2015

My Week in Pictures | 14th June 2015

How has your week been? 
Thankfully I managed to get quite a lot done this week. I've been back to work which has benefited me massively and then at the end of the week I went to the Isle of Wight Festival. Anyway, here's my gallery photos this week. 

Is it just me or does the sauce at the back look like a spider? 
I had my first ever blood test, which wasn't as scary as I had thought. 

Bought myself a hat for the festival, which I never actually ended up wearing! 
 VIP at Isle of Wight was incredible, I met the most interesting people. 

 I bought my niece some sandals from H&M and she loved them. How cute does she look?! 

My festival outfit number one. My raincoat was the best thing I've ever bought! 

Loving the rain with this guy. 

Selfie. (Not Instagramed at all..)

James Bay! (I think)

Blur were so good.

Love this photo! I have great friends. 

Paolo Nutini is just so attractive! 

So glad to say I've seen Fleetwood Mac, although I'm not a big fan they were very good.

Aftermath! I would hate to be a cleaner!! 

Anyway, that's all I got this week. Sorry it was late, I'll be back to normal next week! 
Let me know what you got up to! 

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10 Things Lazy People Do

10 Things Lazy People Do

A lot of us won't admit we do a lot of these but I bet we're all guilty right?  Let me know what you think. 

1. Can I get away with wearing that outfit again?
'I didn't do very much when I wore that so it won't smell?' 

2. Putting make up on top of yesterdays makeup
Who actually takes it off the night before?! 

3. Wearing trousers/long sleeves because you've not shaved.
'Whoops, my legs are starting to look like a cactus. Best wear trousers or tights.'

4. Never admit you're lazy
Me lazy?! No never! 
5. Evening in? I must take enough food and drink to my bed or sofa so that I don't have to keep getting up.
Who wants to keep getting up!?

6. Can I get away with not washing my hair?
That awkward stage when its bordering greasy. 
My problem is I'll look at my hair the night before and I think 'yep that can definitely wait until tomorrow evening' then I'll wake up and it'll be greasier than a chip frier! Anyone else have this problem?  

7. I haven't decided what I'm going to wear today so I'll stay in bed for about 5 minutes while I decide
Maybe this one is just me but those extra 5 minutes make or break my day. 

8. Leave EVERYTHING to the last minute
'So I've got all day to get ready which means no rushing around'
'I should have left and I haven't even started getting ready'

9. Never change your toe nail varnish 
Who even looks at your feet that often? 

10. Wearing the same bra for days on end
A bra doesn't get dirty as quick as all other clothes, obviously.. 

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My Week in Pictures | 7th June 2015

My Week in Pictures | 7th June 2015

Firstly I apologise, this weeks been even more rubbish than previous weeks due to me being ill. Most of these are taken from my Instagram so go follow me on there. How's your week been? 

My abs are looking pretty hot at the moment. 

Started reading this. 100 years out of date I know! 

Made a full fat chocolate milkshake with my blender. I'm using it right aren't I? Hahaha. 

My sister doing the 'apply the makeup' pose. 

Here's another selfie. 

Me and my little big sister. Do we look alike? 

Love seeing my best friend! 

That's all I got up to this week, rubbish I know. Promise I'll have more photos for you next week! In the meantime I'll leave you with this incredible photo I saw this week. 

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Tips For Saving Money | For Shopaholics Like Me

Tips For Saving Money | For Shopaholics Like Me

So I thought I would write a quick post on how to try and save money for people like me who just think f*ck it when buying something. I seem to do this far too much and hence why my bank balance is never very high.

Here are a few tips that help me to save money (although I will admit and do still find it hard).

1 - Write down a list of things you have to pay for each month 
Obviously put the amount and a total but because I know how much these all are I don't bother. This allows you to know exactly how much you need to have in the bank. 

2 - Write a shopping list of things you need
I find this the best way to stop me from buying random things I don't need. So what I do is, for example, if I want some more fake tan I will write it on my list and leave it for a week, If I'm still thinking about it I will go and get it, but if I have forgotten about it I will take it off my list because I'm obviously not desperate for it so I usually wait until it goes on sale somewhere. 

3 - Can I buy it cheaper elsewhere?
I'm a real bargin hunter, so if I'm buying something that is quite a high price I like to look around (usually online) and try and find it cheaper elsewhere. There is always somewhere cheaper that is selling whatever it is I want, that's what I think anyway. I'm not going to go into on because I think that's a whole different blog post. Let me know if you want to see a bargin hunt post. 

4 - Pre-drinking 
I'm at the age where I like to go out and party and drink alcohol, but the thing that always gets me is how much I spend on a night out, admittedly I do like to buy all my friends drinks. Recently I have found that if you can drink before you go out, you end up spending less money because essentially all you are doing then is just topping up. Recently I saw that Tesco had a big offer on spirits so I took full advantage and bought 2 x 1 litre bottles of Malibu because they were so cheap and I know that they will last me few nights out. 

5 - Budget yourself 
Allow yourself a certain amount of money to spend each week or month. I've found this a great way to make sure I have money leftover at the end of the month. Take into account birthdays and things you might have coming up in that month because you can't expect yourself to have no life. 

6 - Take money out of the bank and hide it somewhere 
My big problem is when I have money in the bank I spend a lot of time looking for bargins online and then I end up buying things because they are so good. Now what I do is once I have worked out how much I need in the bank I take out some that I have leftover and I leave it in a safe place. This prevents me from buying pointlessly and at least I have the money for emergancies. I understand not everyone will feel safe with money lying around so putting it in another bank is great too, although sadly doesn't work for me. It has to be out of sight, out of mind, for me anyway.

So that's my tips for saving money, sorry it was a long one, I think I talk way too much! 

Have you got any tips that will help me out?


Abigale xo  

Eloise Keating - Working Late | Track of the Week

Eloise Keating - Working Late | Track of the Week

 My track of the week is by a beautiful young lady who should definitely have a lot more recognition. Her name? Eloise Keating and the song is called Working Late. I was lucky enough to see her supporting Indiana in Portsmouth and for me I thought she was better than Indiana!
 After listening to the lyrics and passion in her voice you would not believe she is only 19 years old! Incredibly she writes and produces all her own work. How can you not admire someone with such an incredible talent?!
She performed a stripped back set which really captivated the audience, because of this I was a little apprehensive to listen to her fully produced songs because some artists are better live. Thankfully this is not the case and her most recent single Working Late is just as gripping.

I'm saying no more, decide for yourself.

Abigale xo

My Week in Pictures | 31st May 2015

My Week in Pictures | 31st May 2015

Again, haven't done a lot this week due to personal reasons but nevertheless I have plenty of pointless pictures in my gallery this week. Hope you all had a good week! 

So I was going to do a fashion post and then I realised how unfashionable I actually am! 

Look how orange my hair is here!! 

Here are some photos from my trip to a wildlife centre near me. 

My sister doing the contemplating life pose. 

My nephew loving the camera. 

My niece taking a selfie while doing the contemplating life pose. 

Tropical house. 

Feeding the wallabies 

Shame the chair was soaked! 

Pretty or what

After seeing the photo at the top of the post made me dye my hair again. My brothers lovely girlfriend kindly did it for me. 

Much better! What do you think? I have a feeling I may have got it a bit too high.

That's all from me this week, how was your week?

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