My Week in Pictures | 7th June 2015

Firstly I apologise, this weeks been even more rubbish than previous weeks due to me being ill. Most of these are taken from my Instagram so go follow me on there. How's your week been? 

My abs are looking pretty hot at the moment. 

Started reading this. 100 years out of date I know! 

Made a full fat chocolate milkshake with my blender. I'm using it right aren't I? Hahaha. 

My sister doing the 'apply the makeup' pose. 

Here's another selfie. 

Me and my little big sister. Do we look alike? 

Love seeing my best friend! 

That's all I got up to this week, rubbish I know. Promise I'll have more photos for you next week! In the meantime I'll leave you with this incredible photo I saw this week. 

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