5 things I've learnt in the past year

5 things I've learnt in the past year

1. You can't trust friends.
    • The amount of friends that have said or done stuff is ridiculous. I don't deserved to be treated like that from a 'friend'. 
2. You can't rely on anyone - if you want something, do it/get it.
    • My problem has always been I'm too nice, so I find it really hard to let people down. I've no idea how people can do it so often!
3. A lot of people have more than 1 personality. I'll just elaborate on this a little, people change when they're with different people. They turn fake just to please the other person.
    • We all have at least one of those friends right? Makes you wonder if they're faking it with you too.
4. Never stop working towards your dreams.
    • Even if things don't work out, there are always other routes. It's working for me and I didn't even finish A levels. 
5. Don't openly express your emotions.
    • This is really important, especially when people try to make you angry. I love it because it makes people more angry that they can't piss me off. 
So there we have it, 5 things I learnt in the past year. What have you learnt about life, friends, school, work, anything in the past year?
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Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx

My week in pictures | 29th June 2014

My week in pictures | 29th June 2014

This weeks been a crazy week. Unfortunately most of it I couldn't actually photograph, which is really annoying! I did get a few photos though, some of them are rubbish but it's literally what's on my camera roll from this week, haha enjoy. 

Monday I only went and got sunburnt! Its so annoying because its just the top of my legs. 

Didn't stop me from working out in the sun though. 

I had my favourite dinner ever this week - had to share! Spaghetti Bolognese, with grated cheese of course. 

Screenshotted this, must have been relevant at the time. 

I had an incident with the shower as I went to turn it on, you can't really see because I had a black jumper on but water went all down my front and flooded my bathroom. 
I think everyone need to read this, people complain about the past too much. 

Fake tan review coming! 
Gross vain, I know, its not usually there..

Good quality photo Abbie! But I ended the week with my beautiful sister and other people who I can't be bothered to name as I don't have any photos of them. 
This is what I wore that night. Please ignore all my nieces toys in the background, although it adds character to the picture right? 

Sorry its really boring, unfortunately its real life and not everyone does amazing things all week. 
Anyway, thanks for reading! 
Abbie xx

Evening at the beach | 26th June 2014

Evening at the beach | 26th June 2014

Evening guys! I thought I would do a quick post on some photos I took from the beach near me. It's nothing special and I am definitely one of the worst photographers out there, but I thought it looked pretty. My brothers just got a Go Pro so we went to go and try it out, meanwhile I just took a few photos on my phone :) 

Thought this was pretty cool. 

Yeah my brother is incredibly tall. 

Working hard.

Look at these horrible plant things that live in the water! These have been in my nightmares since I was very little haha! Anyone know what they are?

Char trying to look like me taking a selfie. 

Action shot.

I stole this from my brother - we are beautiful, I know. 

Thanks for looking :) 
Abbie xx

My week in pictures | 22nd June 2014

My week in pictures | 22nd June 2014

I've not been up to much this week, worked, been ill, met up with my new job workmates and had driving lessons. Here's the photos from my week: 
I made this amazing discovery this week! I now realise how people take all these selfies haha! 

No idea why I liked it but I feel like it's really relevant to my current situation. Just me? 

I drank way too much of this! Next week I'll be better - maybe. 

I finished this book :( I will be doing a review soon! 

My finger tash has gone, the Isle of Wight festival is officially over. 

I bought my nephew this for his birthday today, it was amazing and a bargin! 

And then I saw this on Saturday night and almost died! #cringe 

The weekend was just a family weekend so didn't get photos, I promise I'll get better at this! Hahaha. 

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx



Today was the day I actually wore my festival outfit which I previously blogged about. But because I'm useless I didn't actually get a full photo of me wearing it which is really clever! Anyway, I spent the majority of the day with my brothers girlfriend, Lucy and her friend, Becky. They were so lovely and I'm so glad we are all friends now.

The first thing we did when we got there was obviously get alcohol but I didn't photograph that bit, we then watched The Vamps, which I thought would be really bad but I surprisingly enjoyed it.
I basically got the worst photo in the world but its proof that I saw them right? 

Then I went and watched Nina Nesbitt, this photo was actually really good quality but for some reason its not now. :( The guy in front isn't really tall, everyone was sat down haha.

We also took a cheeky little selfie while we were there. Lucy, left and Becky, Right. 

 We had a few hours to kill so we thought the best thing to do was to get Jagua tattoo finger tashes. Amazing right? Well currently not because as I'm writing this it has faded and looks like I have a dirty finger. 

Then we watched Cher Lloyd - I'm so glad she's not cocky any more. 

After watching her, I then ate dominos I believe - it was amazing and I wish I had gotten a photo. 
John Newman - the most amazing singer out at the moment (well one of anyway). I've seen him twice now and he was even better this time, definitely give him a listen. 

THE 1975! If I could have put that bigger I would have. Matt was just as attractive as ever (although he did look very drunk).

The only ride I went on all weekend. You can't really see but we are all sat on bulls and you just have to try and stay on. 
We went and watched Clean Bandit after this, but I didn't get a photo because again, I am an idiot. 

 Then it was time for Red Hot Chili Peppers! Who were amazing, I got more videos than photos because I want to watch it over and over. 

That was it for Saturday! I'm sorry if it was really boring but at least I can look back on this and remember my weekend. 

Thanks for reading! :) The final day will be up early next week. 
Abbie xx

Top 10 people I follow on Instagram

Top 10 people I follow on Instagram

I thought I'd do a quick post on the top 10 people I follow on Instagram, there are various reasons behind why I follow them so I thought I'd share. If you like any, give them a cheeky follow, or recommend me some more to follow.
These aren't in any particular order I just love them all.

First off, Ella Eyre - Singer. She is absolutely beautiful and I just like looking at her life, haha. 

Matt Healy - from The 1975. He's possibly one of the most attractive people I follow on Instagram and that's why I'll continue to follow him - Unless he turns ugly. 

Beyonce - Everyone knows who she is. Everyone needs to follow a Diva don't they? 

Example - Singer. I just think some of the photos he posts are hilarious, seriously go check him out.

Female motivation - everyone needs motivation. But I also love the clothes on the people they post too, so its not just motivation!

Hannah Michalak - Vlogger & Blogger. LOVE HER! And her cute little family, she makes me look at life so differently. 

Kendall Jenner - a bit of everything? I just like to look at how crazy her life is, weird I know but I'll never experience it anyway. 

Luisa Zissman - Business woman. Such a inspiration, love her attitude to everything. 

Tara Keeney - is going out with/went out with Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea. She's just my girl crush, I think she is absolutely stunning and amazing and I want to be her friend, hahaa. 

Victoria - Made in Chelsea. She's just a bitch and I love it. 

So that's it, hope you like it. Who's your top 10? 
Feel free to follow me on Instagram for a little inside on my life. 

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx



Firstly I'd like to apologise for not doing a my week in pictures post this weekend, if you didn't know I was away at the Isle of Wight Festival, which means phone battery is very limited. I was going to do one post on the whole of my weekend, but when I started deciding what photos to upload I realised I had way to many to put into one post, so I've decided to split it into days - if anyone is interested haha! 

Please check out some of the acts I saw because they are amazing and even better live (most anyway). I've got more videos than photos which is really annoying! But if anyone wants to see them, let me know and I may upload them to YouTube.

Right, Lets start with Friday!
If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am obsessed with Strawberries and Cream, so I was delighted when I saw people with trays selling them. And yes it was the first thing I did when I got there!

Here's a photo of me and my beautiful sister (Kindly taken by Shannon).
I am wearing:
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Missguided 
Necklace: New Look
Sun Glasses: Ray Ban 

Luciana and I about to watch someone (can't remember who) - I know she's stunning. 

The Friday crew, minus the orange man. Sorry its awful quality, that's what happens when you ask a random drunk man to take a photo.

Then the acts I saw were:
Lawson - I've never been a massive fan but when I saw their beautiful faces on the screen and I was drawn to watch, haha. 
Tom Odell - My love, so glad I got to see him again! 
Rudimental - Rubbish photo but it was crazy! Second time I've seen them live and they were incredible. 

Then I watched Calvin Harris, but I didn't get a photo because I'm useless. 

That's it for day 1, I didn't get many photos of myself because I had a few sherbets and most photos turned out horrible! Hahaha. 

Day 2 will be up in a couple days. 
Abbie xx