My week in pictures | 22nd June 2014

I've not been up to much this week, worked, been ill, met up with my new job workmates and had driving lessons. Here's the photos from my week: 
I made this amazing discovery this week! I now realise how people take all these selfies haha! 

No idea why I liked it but I feel like it's really relevant to my current situation. Just me? 

I drank way too much of this! Next week I'll be better - maybe. 

I finished this book :( I will be doing a review soon! 

My finger tash has gone, the Isle of Wight festival is officially over. 

I bought my nephew this for his birthday today, it was amazing and a bargin! 

And then I saw this on Saturday night and almost died! #cringe 

The weekend was just a family weekend so didn't get photos, I promise I'll get better at this! Hahaha. 

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx

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