My week in pictures | 29th June 2014

This weeks been a crazy week. Unfortunately most of it I couldn't actually photograph, which is really annoying! I did get a few photos though, some of them are rubbish but it's literally what's on my camera roll from this week, haha enjoy. 

Monday I only went and got sunburnt! Its so annoying because its just the top of my legs. 

Didn't stop me from working out in the sun though. 

I had my favourite dinner ever this week - had to share! Spaghetti Bolognese, with grated cheese of course. 

Screenshotted this, must have been relevant at the time. 

I had an incident with the shower as I went to turn it on, you can't really see because I had a black jumper on but water went all down my front and flooded my bathroom. 
I think everyone need to read this, people complain about the past too much. 

Fake tan review coming! 
Gross vain, I know, its not usually there..

Good quality photo Abbie! But I ended the week with my beautiful sister and other people who I can't be bothered to name as I don't have any photos of them. 
This is what I wore that night. Please ignore all my nieces toys in the background, although it adds character to the picture right? 

Sorry its really boring, unfortunately its real life and not everyone does amazing things all week. 
Anyway, thanks for reading! 
Abbie xx

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