Today was the day I actually wore my festival outfit which I previously blogged about. But because I'm useless I didn't actually get a full photo of me wearing it which is really clever! Anyway, I spent the majority of the day with my brothers girlfriend, Lucy and her friend, Becky. They were so lovely and I'm so glad we are all friends now.

The first thing we did when we got there was obviously get alcohol but I didn't photograph that bit, we then watched The Vamps, which I thought would be really bad but I surprisingly enjoyed it.
I basically got the worst photo in the world but its proof that I saw them right? 

Then I went and watched Nina Nesbitt, this photo was actually really good quality but for some reason its not now. :( The guy in front isn't really tall, everyone was sat down haha.

We also took a cheeky little selfie while we were there. Lucy, left and Becky, Right. 

 We had a few hours to kill so we thought the best thing to do was to get Jagua tattoo finger tashes. Amazing right? Well currently not because as I'm writing this it has faded and looks like I have a dirty finger. 

Then we watched Cher Lloyd - I'm so glad she's not cocky any more. 

After watching her, I then ate dominos I believe - it was amazing and I wish I had gotten a photo. 
John Newman - the most amazing singer out at the moment (well one of anyway). I've seen him twice now and he was even better this time, definitely give him a listen. 

THE 1975! If I could have put that bigger I would have. Matt was just as attractive as ever (although he did look very drunk).

The only ride I went on all weekend. You can't really see but we are all sat on bulls and you just have to try and stay on. 
We went and watched Clean Bandit after this, but I didn't get a photo because again, I am an idiot. 

 Then it was time for Red Hot Chili Peppers! Who were amazing, I got more videos than photos because I want to watch it over and over. 

That was it for Saturday! I'm sorry if it was really boring but at least I can look back on this and remember my weekend. 

Thanks for reading! :) The final day will be up early next week. 
Abbie xx

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