ASOS Basic Bargins

I'm just going to put this out there, my fashion is pretty basic. I love plain clothing and find myself buying very basic clothing. I mean I do spice it up with a more bold piece but you can never have enough plain jeans or black tops. Here's a few 'basic bargains' I found whilst scrolling through the ASOS January Sales. Sorry there aren't many, this is new to me so I'm just testing the water.

I literally LOVE these. With it being knitted it obviously adds a bit of warmth during the winter months. Perfect to layer up with something more colourful.

Stripes never go out of fashion. Perfect for everyday wear! 

Seriously, how cute is this dress?! It looks super comfy and perfect for a base to layer up on. 

Can I class this as basic? I have one of these and they are literally amazing. I have definitely over worn it. They just make the whole outfit look cute! Also great for hiding that extra Christmas weight - we know we've all got it. 

Jeans just go with everything right? 

This is something everyone should have in their wardrobes. They're so pretty, although I am not great with white jeans!

ASOS Mock Up Flat Shoes. WAS: £18 NOW: £10.50

These shoes are the cutest! You could pair them with so much! Perfect slip on shoes.

ASOS Magic Touch Pointed Flat Shoes. WAS: £25 NOW: £12

Why didn't I find these sooner! Anyone want to buy me them?

So that's all for now. I'm not very confident with doing these posts just yet. Hopefully next time I'll do a bit more! 


  1. I've heard so much about the ridley ankle grazers! I need to buy myself some! Also love the Magic Touch Pointed shoes! You should be confident with these posts, I really enjoyed it!:)xx

  2. I love the way white jeans look on other people but I don't know if they suit me, I've brought them before and always taken them back maybe I need to be brave! Great post Hun thanks for sharing X

    1. See I think white jeans are the kind of clothes that suit everyone. Definitely be brave, they'll look great. Thank you for reading xx

  3. Heading over from #USbloggers Twitter chat! Basics are always my go to! Love this post! xoxo Nickki

  4. Love the simplicity of your style. Too many patterns hurts my eyes, but I love the first two items!

  5. Lovely post :) the white jeans look gorgeous I may have to check them out :) x

  6. lovely post Abigale!!!! :P :D Look forward to more posts like this in the future! Well Done on being a little bit brave xoxo

  7. Those white jeans are awesome!

  8. Haha- gotta love a basic! I find that the plainer the item the more I wear it!
    Some great picks - and in the sale too! oh so tempting!
    More of these posts please !!

    Christina @