Guest post | Tips for 2016 Playlist

Hey, it’s Shannon again! I’ve got another playlist to share with you, and this times it’s ten new bands and artists that I’m tipping to have a very successful year ahead. I usually blog about rock and indie bands over at:  but I’ve tried to switch it up a bit too so there’s more variety in the playlist – I’ve even included some pc music offspring! Hope you enjoy it!
Pretty Vicious – Are You Ready For Me?
Pretty Vicious are four teenagers from Methyr Tydfil in Wales, who have already had a crazy 2015. In the past year they got signed, they headlined the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury and they have played countless lives shows. Their sound is fierce and frenzied and it’s something which will no doubt be soundtracking my summer, as there’s an album due out around the middle of 2016. 
Also listen to: It’s Always There & National Plastics
Vitamin – To Believe
These four lovely Leeds lads, known collectively as Vitamin, have already supported two of my other tips in this playlist (RAT BOY and Sundara Karma) on tour. Their upbeat indie pop is youthful and fun and in particular their track Miss You would be the perfect soundtrack to the climax of modern day John Hughes teen movie. 
Also listen to: Miss You & Giving It Up
The Big Moon – Nothing Without You
I don’t use the term awesome foursome lightly, but these girls really are just that. From breakthrough track Eureka Moment, to this latest offering, these gals are just so cool and make me want to make music much more than Miley ever could. The band also chuck in a grunged-up cover of Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger in their live set, which definitely is a must-see! 
Also listen to: Sucker & The Road
High Tyde – Do What You Want 
Brighton-based High Tyde have been grafting away for years, honing their indie pop sound. They’ve just released their second EP Glow, featuring the track Do What You Want which appeared on Made In Chelsea. I interviewed the band at the end of 2015 and they promised 2016 is going to be a very big year for them indeed, with more shows and more music in the pipeline. 
Also listen to: Feel It & Glow

Nineteen year old Jordan Cardy makes music under the pseudonym RAT BOY and is currently being touted by the BBC and MTV as one of 2016’s biggest new acts. His tracks are sample-clad and humorously honest as he raps about being sacked from Wetherspoons and getting mugged on the street, on top of his bedroom beats and indie-esque guitars. His live shows are infamously raucous and this is bound to be evident at his sold out Heaven show in London on 26th January. 
Also listen to: Sign On and Sportswear
Sundara Karma – Run Away
This band wield guitar riffs so infectious they’re going to cause an epidemic one of these days. 2015 saw these Reading natives release two EPs, and a debut album looks set to follow in 2016. Although they’re another indie band on the list, their USP lies within their lyrics, as frontman Oscar Lulu’s outlook on life transpires through his transcendent and dreamy words. 
Also listen to: Loveblood & Vivienne
MIAMIGO – What I Want
I first discovered MIAMIGO at The Great Escape festival in Brighton in May last year. They were part of the same showcase as High Tyde and their dazzling disco beats immediately stood out to me. Fastforward a few months and they released their second EP Soda Lime Love. The lead single from the EP, What I Want, is quite frankly one of the best songs I have heard in an incredibly long time and it’s even gathered support on national radio too, I hear Greg James is a big fan.
Girli – So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya
Eighteen year old Milly Toomey is a PC music princess with a punk attitude and is 90% of the time adorned in pink Adidas. Working under the pseudonym GIRLI, So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya is the first music video from the solo artist, but it’s ballsy approach makes me hope it’s the first of many! 
Also listen to: ASBOys,
VANT – Parking Lot

Fighting it out with Pretty Vicious to be the heaviest band on the playlist, VANT are a brazen band fronted by Mattie Vant. They are brash and boisterous and in turn I think that is brilliant. Their sound might not be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of a mosh pit, you might be a fan of these. Originally from Sunderland, but now based in Brighton, Mattie Vant’s lyrics are short and sharp and complimented by the rest of the band’s punchy percussion and solid guitars. 
Also listen to: The Answer & Parasite
American trio LANY have a knack for creating songs with smooth, sultry synths, lingering guitars and an upbeat poppy feel. The band only played their first headline UK show in November, but they look set to make waves in 2016 after being announced as the support act for Ellie Goulding’s upcoming UK arena tour. If this is your kind of thing, the band have just released a new EP called Make Out, which features some of the best tracks in their back catalogue.
Also listen to: 4EVER! & Bad, Bad, Bad 


  1. I haven't watched a single video yet, but I love the idea for the post! Music is always a good branch for opinions. I'll let you know which one is my favorite.

  2. High Tyde is a terrible rip-off of Two Door Cinema Club, but beyond that I'd say this is a pretty decent list of music. VANT is my favorite. This is going to sound incredibly shallow, but I was really into the LANY song until they said "hella". Easily one of my least favorite words, but besides that it wasn't too bad.

    1. Two Door Cinema Club are amazing I have to agree! Thanks for reading! :)