How To Find New Music

Hiya lovelies! 
Now as you can probably guess I am obsessed with music and finding new bands (currently listening to new music as I write this). I recently read a couple of blog posts were people have given their tips on how they find new music so because I've been doing this for a number of years I thought I would share my recommendations. 

This is a great way of finding new music from all around the world. Although this way you aren't guaranteed to find a Justin Bieber as I yet to come across an artist from there to make it big time. I do find Spotify to have a LOT of songs on their playlists but if you know what style of music you like its great! Sadly I like to listen to most genres so it gets difficult. 

They also various 'new music' type playlists that are updated weekly so that you can enjoy new music all the time. I've found some great artists using Spotify, definitely worth ago. It's also definitely worth the £10 a month I pay, but they also do a free version and they have student discounts I believe (not 100% sure about that because I'm not a student).

The radio is the most obvious way of finding new music and is probably the most traditional way. I mean this is definitely a great way but for me I don't use this way the most. A lot of the music played on mainstream radio is the typical chart songs - yes they are new but everyone else is listening to them too. 

Of course you can listen to hundreds of different radio stations but its not going to be all new music for you to discover, they have to cater for those who are driving in their cars or busy at work so it's not going to be as specific as it would it you went out and found it yourself. 

Definitely one of my favourite ways of finding new music!  Sometimes it can be a little tricky to find music on here though so I'll give you a quick tip. Listen to a song you love then take a look that the suggestions next to the video - this brings up similar artists and songs. Also when you do this a lot it brings up some 'recommended for you' videos which can sometimes bring up some good songs. This is my favourite for find old songs too! 

You can also listen to playlists created by others on YouTube which I don't really use but it depends on what you prefer. 

This was probably the first thing I used to use to find new music because I used to be(still am a bit) obsessed with grime music and this was the home of new grime music in the UK. I'll warn you this is a very controversial site and not everyone will enjoy the music. But for those of you who don't like that sort of music they do also do a thing called 'A64' which is acoustic stuff - also great! Definitely worth checking out! (Just search it on Google.)

Ok, so hands down this is my favourite way of finding new music because I absolutely LOVE festivals as I'm sure you are aware if you have read my 'About Me' page. There is a festival in the UK near me called Bestival (yes i've mentioned it loads on my blog now) and it is absolutely incredible for finding new music. Don't worry you that's definitely not the only festival for new music. All over the world there are festivals (obviously) but you are probably heading to the wrong places if you have been to a festival and never discovered new music. New upcoming artists actually live in the small beer tents or they're the ones on during the late morning or super late at night. Ed Sheeran played in many beer tents before making it big time. 

Its also worth checking out the new music stages if they have those. In the UK there is often a BBC Introducing stage at a lot of festivals - this is great! But FYI the bands on there have probably played the smaller or beer tents for many years previous to this. 

Friends or Family 
Word of mouth is worth trying. For me, I have friends (and my brother) who will say "have you heard this?" which often starts off an obsession. I mean your friends are probably pretty similar to you so they would have the same interests right? Not always the case I know, most of my friends only listen to the charts so I wouldn't ask them. 

Music Blogs 
So if you're reading this I'm going to take a random guess and say that you are a fan of blogs or have a blog yourself? Please correct me if I'm wrong. But it does make sense if that is you, that you check out some music blogs. Now I'm not going to list any that I like because that's a little off the topic but there are quite a few I read regularly to see what new music they have discovered. Maybe I could do a different post on that, what do you think? 

On an pretty rare occasion there will be an advert on tele or a song in the background of a program that I really enjoy. I'm the kind of girl who will watch EastEnders and will listen to what music is on in the cafe. Although I wouldn't say this is the best way to find music but you could always try listening to music channels. A lot of music channels only play chart music but if you have channels that don't, give them a listen - there could be something good waiting to be discovered. 

So that's all the ways I find out new music, there might be more but I can't think of any at this current time of writing. 

How are you finding new music at the moment? 


  1. I used to listen to Pandora while I was working and I discovered quite a few songs I loved that way. However, I've heard a lot of good things about Spotify, so I think I'm going to give that a shot.

    1. I've never heard of Pandora! I just looked and it's not available in the UK :( How annoying xx

  2. I love a festival or two, we should set up a festival blogging event haha :)XX

    1. We definitely should!! That would be amazing! Xx

  3. I'd definitely be up for music posts on the music blogs you like!:) I also use spotify, pretty much every day haha x

    1. Thanks! I think I use Spotify for at least 4 hours a day haha I'm addicted xx

  4. Fab post!! I love music festivals and can't wait to attend them this year and find more artists to love :-)

    Megan X