Can we just talk about Missguided for a sec?

So recently I was looking through Missguided, for those who don't know it's an online clothes store - definitely worth checking out. Whilst I was browsing I noticed quite a few things that didn't really add up with the models so I thought I would share. 

Here's the first that caught my eye. She has legs to die for doesn't she!? Is that because she hasn't got knees? Can someone please explain to me why airbrushing out knees is now a thing? Perhaps it makes the legs look longer. I must remember to do that in future... Not! Also the shoe's look a little uncomfortable, I'm probably not going to buy those after looking at these pictures. 

Here's another. Who wants to buy these shoes? These are all from the same outfit so why do the shoes look good in the second photo. If this is real, why haven't they edited them so that the shoes actually look comfortable?! There is no way I'll be buying those...

Dress1         Dress2
Here's a couple more pictures of the 'smooth' looking legs. Notice the first is the same model as before, maybe she doesn't have knees? Unlikely. What's so wrong with having knees? It's not just these, if you take a look at their website I'm sure you'll see loads more. 

I would just like to add, this probably won't stop me from buying from Missguided so don't let it stop you because you can get some great deals. I just love finding weird things like this. I mean as if I am not going to buy a dress because the model has knees! 


  1. Great picks! Love missguided!
    Jabeen x

  2. I love Missguided, but why on earth have the photo shopped their knees out! Crazy x

    1. Me too, I couldn't believe when I noticed it! Xx