I adopted...

So if you haven't see my meet my new pets post you definitely should here. Now that you have you will know a few months ago I bought some guinea pigs. Since then they have been amazing and I love them. My parents always laugh at me because I'm always buying them stupid toys or blankets and basically treating them like humans.

Anyway one day I went to Pets at Home (which is a pet store, if you couldn't tell from the name). I was there looking for new cages for the guinea pigs because they have grown incredibly! So annoyingly they have the pets up for adoption right next to the cage. That's when we noticed the most adorable and fluffy rabbit! I didn't get her straight away, I went away to another store to get a cage then had to come back to get her.

She was up for adoption because she didn't get on with other rabbits, which was perfect for me because then I wouldn't feel guilty for her being left on her own. They believe she is only around 7 months old but they cannot be completely sure. Anyway, her name? It was Paula, now I don't really think that's a very good name for a rabbit. I changed it ever so slightly to Polly, I know it's supposed to be bad luck to change a name but I'm going to take that risk.

Anyway, I'm sure you all want to see her. But I would like to apologise because she is definitely camera shy!

She just melts my heart!! More pics to come I promise! 


  1. I have 2 rabbits 🐰🐰 and I just wanted to wish you and Polly the best of luck! Be very patient and stick to a strict routine 😉☺ They are profoundly loving creatures 💖

    1. Aw thank you! I love her. What are yours called? :)