Stop right there. Let me just tell you about a band that are about to take over the world. A five piece indie pop band from Stockport known as Blossoms. Labelled as BBC Sound of 2016 they were sure to have a good music career ahead of them.

I was lucky enough to see them recently at the Isle of Wight Festival and they quickly became one of my favourite acts of the whole weekend. I find a lot of indie bands get a little cocky onstage and really try and get the crowd going. Blossoms however did none of this, I mean they got the crowd going for sure, but the crowd did that out of free will.

I'm sat writing this post trying to decide what my favourite track is but I'm not sure I can. I would say Charlemagne is definitely the most memorable. Then again, I do love a good sing song to Getaway, why am I so indecisive?! The album is set to be released 5th August so a full review will be up then.

Meanwhile here is Getaway, the video is a bit strange but don't let that put you off.

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