Throwback Thursday | Tesco Fancy Dress

Hiya! So it's Thursday again! 

This Thursday I'm dedicating my throwback to my nephew. I can't believe how much he has grown up. In this photo he's about 2 maybe 3 and I was looking after him for the night. I remember (I have no idea why) I asked him if he wanted to play dress ups but I couldn't think of what to dress him up in. Then I found some Tesco bags in my room and thought perfect. I think we used about 3 bags and he loved it. I admit I'm pretty weird to think to do that but it was just hilarious to see him running round in plastic bags. 

He's now 6 and I really doubt he would let me do it again - although it would be funny. I've shown him this photo and he just gets all embarrassed so I'll definitely be keeping it for his older years! 

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