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Surprise, Justin Bieber has a new song and the online world has been raving about the it since the lyric video found its way online. Obviously Bieber has made a name for himself after Baby. He definitely divided opinions - like Marmite - love or hate him. I've never been a massive fan of Justin but recently he's definitely grown up and his music has taken a much more mature approach. 

The new song What Do You Mean? Is completely different from previous tracks. I mean the lyrics are still very similar and related to girls but it's not as irritating as previous tracks. Over the past couple of years he's taken his music in a different direction. For me it started with his 2013 track Confident which I found to be more hip hop and my sort of thing in comparison to his earlier stuff. I then got drawn to his voice after singing vocals on the chart topping Skrillex and Diplo song Where Are Ü Now - I also think this is where a lot of people realised he's not the 16 year old young girl heartthrob he used to be
His track What Do You Mean? Couldn't come at a better time as he relaunches his new found sound. Is this the new Bieber we are all going to love? This tropical beat song definitely has a summer vibe and makes me think of good memories. There's a continuous beat that reminds me a lot of a car indicator or a horse trotting which is definitely a win because I can clip clop or tick tock along. Although I do believe it actually resembles a clock ticking away but I much prefer my ideas.  

Anyway I listened to this song about 20 times whilst writing this post so its your turn to have a listen and see what you think. It will be very interesting to see what the future hold for the 21 year old star. Watch this space? I hope so! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! The more I listen to it the more I love it x

  2. I had not previously heard this song so it was great of you to share it. I like it. I think his music has naturally progressive as he has matured. Hopefully, it will continue to do so. Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Thank you! Yeah it's definitely better than his previous stuff! I hope you have a nice weekend too! X