The Love/Hate Tag


I'm so excited to be doing this post!! I'd like to thank one of my favourite bloggers Along Came Molli for tagging me.
The love/hate tag is very simple - list 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Then tag others, simple. Lets get started.

I love:
1. Fake tan // purely because I can't tan, no matter how long I'm in the sun so fake tan is my best friend.
2. Painted nails // they look so good, whatever colour or pattern.

3. Festivals // this is probably my favourite, maybe because I love music

4. Positivity // I just love people that are positive and motivating.

5. My bed // who doesn't?!

6. Junk food // how can anyone not

7. Crap TV // we all love a good soap, TV drama or reality show

8. My car // although it's nothing special, its perfect for me and what I need

9. My guinea pigs // they're my faveeee

10. Spotify // I love music so this is my most used app

I hate: 
1. Wrinkly fingers and toes // I mean when you are in water for too long not the wrinkly you get when you are old.
2. People who are always right // Why can't people admit when they are wrong?!

3. Routine // I hate things being the same all the time! I like change and have to have change regularly.

4. Chipped nails // It takes two seconds to take it off.

5. Anxiety // Its a bitch

6. Spiders // Horrible animals

7. Bitchiness // Its just unnecessary

8. KFC // Hideous place and food, I hate it so much.

9. Knotty hair // It makes me so angry!! 

10. Not being able to sleep // Isn't it so annoying, not being able to sleep for no reason!

I nominate -
Shannon Kerry Cotton


Jodie Melissa

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  1. Great answers, I agree with so many of these things but I do like routine. I total agree with you about KFC.

    1. I'm so glad someone agrees with the KFC thing, everyone I know is so shocked that I don't like it! I wish I could like routine but I just get so bored so easily :( xx

  2. I don't like KFC either :( I had food poisoning the first time I ate there and that was the last of it haha x

    1. Oh god really!? I'm so glad I don't like it! X

  3. I agree with pretty much everything here! Especially anxiety and "people who are always right" haha

    Meet Me in Midtown

    1. Thank you! It really bugs me that people can't admit they're wrong x