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Hello to all the beautiful people out there! I am Sally, nice to meet you. 

Before I start telling you all the details that no one wants to know - long story short: I have to do an internship in England: 6 weeks, 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. Sounds fun, right? Originally, I wanted to do it in a publishing house but that didn't work out because they wanted me to work there for either 2 weeks or 6 months and as you can see: that is nowhere near 6 weeks. I checked my professor's list of possible work experience places again and saw that social work is acceptable as well. Thanks to Google I found a Holiday Club for children, emailed them and they were happy to have me. I wish I would have been as excited as they were but I an not a patient person, so working with children has never been my dream. I was just glad that I finally found a place where I could work and therefore finish my university course. 

I was with the 2 year olds for my first week. I have younger siblings and let me tell you: 2 year-olds are annoying. At least that's what I can say from my experience. On my first day, I entered the room, sat on the floor and just waited for the kids to arrive. A few minutes later, the door opened and the first one came in: a little blonde girl with pink boots and a princess t-shirt. She had never seen me before but came running right towards me and gave me a big hug. I have to admit that I loved her right then and there. We had 12 kids that day and they were all kind of the same as my first princess. I became their friend in a matter of seconds, even though they didn't know me at all. There was one boy I wasn't excited to meet though because 'he likes to cuddle other children until they cry'. He was the last one to come in that day and at first it was really hard for me to get through to him and win his heart. He refused to play with me or even look at me in the eye. He loved playing hard to get but I didn't give up. 
The little blonde girl showed me how amazing hugs can be and I knew that the moment would come where he needed love and a cuddle, so I was prepared to be there. While the other two carers were busy preparing lunch and changing nappies, my little rebel was looking for someone to read a story to him. That was my chance. He looked so lost standing in the middle of the room with no one paying him attention to him. I usually don't make the first move when it comes to guys but I felt that he was different: "do you want me to read a story?" He looked at me and started to smile. He gave me the book that we was holding in his hands and sat on my lap. Even after I finished the story, he wouldn't move. He was just sitting there, watching the other children and being absolutely happy. 

At the end of the day I was sad when they had to leave because at some point I thought about putting them in my bag and taking them home with me. I said goodbye to my princess and got a big hug again and my rebel waved at me and blew me a kiss. 

After only one day I changed my mind: 2 year-olds are not annoying, they are absolutely adorable. I only saw crying and shouting children who have no idea how to be quiet, tidy and organised but I learnt that they don't have to be all that. They just have to be happy and most importantly they need someone to make them happy. I have 5 weeks left and my goal is to get as many smiles as possible even when that means we have to be a little messy every once in a while. 

Until now, when I heard people saying "the children just love me" I always asked myself "how do you know? They can barely talk" but on my second day, the rebel entered the room, saw me and ran into my arms screaming "I am back!" and I know now that there are many different ways to tell someone that you like them and I can't wait to go back and get more of those big bear hugs. 

If I could spend my life in 2 places at once, I would but for some reason that is not possible. However, I blog about all of the things I do in Germany and England (one after one, of course). So if you are interested in getting to know me better and how I'm dividing my life between two countries then check out my blog: 
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