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Hiya! I would like to just say before you read this, I do not mean to offend anybody. It's my blog so this is where I shall vent. If you don't agree with what I say then I would love to hear your opinions on this. Actually, even if you do agree, what are you opinions? 

For me I feel like all of the 'big' or 'successful' blogs (if that's what you call them) all have the same thing in common. They're all super trendy and have flash cameras, fashion bloggers have a PA on hand to take pictures of them at any point (slight over exaggeration I know) and they all seem to never have an issue with money. Hence why they always have the latest clothes, make up and accessories. Now maybe it's just me but when I get my hard earned money at the end of each month the last thing on my mind is buying the lasted things to brag about online. I will say, of course I buy myself things but I hardly ever blog about it.
Do these people have amazingly paid jobs? Obviously I know some get paid to blog but what about before that, did they all have loads of money to spare from the beginning. Maybe I'm the only one who has to pay bills and buy food, I highly doubt it.

I also get the impression that although the blogging world is made out to be one of the most friendly and supportive communities. BUT if your face doesn't fit you don't get a chance. There are a few bloggers that I've tried speaking to and because I don't have a specific niche, they kind of look down on me or don't reply. My brain imagines them to say "oh little shitty wannabe blogger you don't belong here". I can't understand why you have to have a specific 'niche' to be successful. I thought blogging was about writing what you want and being yourself?!

Which leads me to my next point, is it just me but are all 'niche' bloggers the same? I look at loads of blogs and for example, a beauty blogger. They're always AMAZING at make up, naturally of course and when you ask for tips they just say to practice (it's hard to begin practicing when you have no clue where to start). Also beauty bloggers always have super expensive make up... Urban Decay... Mac... We get the idea. Now I'm not sure about you but I can't afford that stuff all the time, does that mean I can't be a good blogger? Probably. 

One last thing, the photography. So many bloggers look like they are professional photographers with all these amazing photos. It takes a good photographer to use a rubbish camera and make the photo look good. I've noticed there are a lot of very similar photos on people's blogs now, you know the ones... Taken from above with a bit of flower in the corner, usually some other random things scattered around, maybe a candle or a book and pen. It's not fooling anyone on creative content, that's a copied idea and we've seen at least 5 other blogs with a very similar design. 
AND, these photos are taken on a super expensive Nikon or Canon camera, which means all you have to do is aim and it does the rest for you. (Sometimes). I can't afford that just for an online diary, or is it a fashion accessory that I missed?

It's not all bad and I don't hate the people that do these things, but I thought blogging was about being yourself and being unique. Yet we are all doing the same things and categorising ourselves to specific 'niches'.

What are you opinions on this? 

Ps. I know there are bloggers out there who are different, before anyone complains. But if the shoe fits, wear it.

Hahaha, rereading this I sound like such a moany bitch... I'm not! I'll probably end up taking this down.

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  1. I don't think you're being moany, I feel the same way in some cases. I think it's extremely frustrating that the people who flourish in blogging seem to have really high incomes to start. It makes me feel like the average person has less of a chance right off the bat.

    That being said, I do personally use a nice Nikon camera for my pictures, but it's my family camera hahaha. Have high quality pictures does help make your blog look nice, but I don't think it's a requirement for bloggers. The important thing is always content first!

    1. Yep! That's exactly what I think. Not that I'm bothered about having a popular blog. I understand if you have a nice camera because you're into photography or like you have it as a family camera. Thanks for reading! Xx

  2. I've been reading you for a couple of months. I found a link of yours on G+. For someone who claims she's writing a no bullshit blog, you sure apologize a lot. :-) My opinion, since you asked and all, is that you should forget what "everyone else" is doing. That's not productive. Those bloggers you think have something going on? Don't believe everything you see. Why try and figure them out? Have they done anything for you as a reader? That counts. If you can't see them as human and they don't move you, they're just hustling, and who the hell cares about that? I know I don't.

    I'm sick to death of those vapid blogs about "fashion" or "beauty" or God knows what. I don't think buying stuff or trying to get people to think you have the best clothes are noble priorities. Is that all there is? How depressing! I think the best niche to establish is you. What's most important to you? Make a list of 10 things. How are they important in your life? Your niche should be Abbie. Write about real experiences. Draw conclusions, even with your "Week In Pictures" series. Be fearless. Never apologize. Be bold. Write for a good reason. Write the kind of blog you like to read. You're already doing the guest blogging thing, which I think is a good idea. I never did that myself. But make sure the people you collaborate with are up to your standards.

    No one cares about "bloggers" who think they're publishing Harper's Bazaar. That stuff is just plastic. Don't let them intimidate you. Spend your energy thinking about your special place on the internet. It's anything you want. No one else gets a say. Be human and always do your best. It'll be great!

    1. I completely agree with you, people shouldn't force themselves to one niche. I have no intention of fitting to a specific niche because I post whatever I feel like writing. Thanks for commenting you've made some really good points! I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing because I enjoy it x

  3. I just tried to post a comment and its disappeared so I'll go again lol!
    What you say about the photography is so interesting. As a new blogger, looking around at other blogs I was surprised to see so many of those types of photos (the ones with the flowers in the corner) and I started to think that my blog would only be read/noticed if I had those kinds of pictures.
    It is true that having a nice camera makes taking photographs a lot easier.. I do have a fancy one because I love taking photographs in general, it's always been a hobby of mine.
    It's lovely to see that people are open to different types of creativity.. I mean every blog would be the same otherwise!
    Great post xo

    1. I often think that! I feel like if your blog isn't similar to others it won't stand much of a chance. You've got a great blog so don't change anything! Thanks for reading xx