My Week in Pictures | 23rd August 2015

Hiya! Its that time of the week again. How has your week been? 

Mine has been pretty good. I would like to apologise in advance for the cake photos. I've done loads of baking this week and I think I'm actually starting to get better at it! 

This is the view from my window, I never realised actually how pretty it is. Also I can't believe there are so amy trees! 

Do you think my mum likes old fashioned signs? 

I used a makeup app this week, its so weird because I literally had no makeup on here. People actually use this on their photos, its crazy. 

I bought a pink case for my macbook. 

Cakes number 1, I had nothing to put on them so I had to chuck on some love hearts. 

Now how yummy does this chicken look!! 

I attempted to make shortbread but it turned out as biscuit where am I going wrong!? 

Doesn't this look like the cat from Alice in Wonderland??

My 3 year old niece make her first cupcakes with me! She's so clever. 

Final photo, my hair has gotten so long! 

What have you been doing? 

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