To My 20 Year Old Self | Response

(If you haven't read the first post check it out here: To My 20 Year Old Self)

Dear old self, 

So I'm now 20 and it's safe to say after reading what I was doing at 18/19 I have definitely changed. 

You'll be glad to know I have actually got a better Job, I left the Lifeboat Cafe soon after you wrote the post for reasons we won't share. I then went to work at the Australian style cafe and when that closed I was lucky enough to get a job with the NHS although stupidly I don't think it's for me, hopefully I'll realise soon enough. 

I'm still struggling with friends, although not for the same reasons as last year. I have met some amazing peoeple over the past year and definitely realised who my good friends are. In the last post you told me to remember my 19th birthday, well my 20th has been 100 times worse! Those delightful people you invited out decided to stand you up but don't worry I don't intend on making an effort with any of them again.

I do still live on the Island but I have considered moving but at the moment I have other things I need to focus on (job, myself and family, you know what I mean). Although I have been to see Hannah-Mae and I've met a few people there, which is great! Although certain things have prevented me from having fun. 

I've finally learned to drive and an lucky enough to have a new car, although that Corsa is still on the drive!! I  did taxi some people but then people started taking advantage of me and thinking petrol doesn't cost anything so now I no longer do that. 

I have continued skating, well I gave it up towards the end of the year but recently started again but I'm not enjoying it like I was. But I am working so hard on my blog and music type stuff now so it's not all bad. 

Boys have completely gone and the only guys left in my life are my amazing friends. I know I sound like a whore but they are far less bitchy. 

I feel like I've learned a lot this past year, I went into really quiet boring Abbie quite a lot last year and thankfully I feel like I'm getting out of that now, I've realised not to take anything seriously. 

Wow that was a long one, I feel like it was complete rubbish but at least I stayed true to my word and made a response to it. 

Has anyone else done a post like this before? I'd really appreciate some feedback and tips. 


Abigale xo

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