My Week In Pictures | 17th May 2015

This week due to personal reasons I haven't been able to do much so I'll just share a few photos from the past couple of weeks. 

Ignore my messy room but I just had to share my butt. Finally after months of trying to get a bigger bum, I am finally seeing results. Maybe it's just the trousers and to everyone else it probably doesn't even look that great. Haha! 

My new ombré hair! 

My birthday! I didn't have a badge so this is what my friend made.

Tall people problems.

How cute is this present!

The beautiful place I call home.

Birthday cake my friends made me, literally heart attack on a plate!

That's all really, sorry it was a bit all over the place. Hopefully next week MWIP will be back to normal. 

I'll leave you with the most amazing picture I've seen all week - Prince Harry being cute as! 

Abigale xo 

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