My Week In Pictures | 24th May 2015

Hello munchkins! How has your week been? I apologise mine has been pretty quiet due to some stuff going on, here's the photos I have in my phone gallery. 
I started the week with the most amazing Domino's.

 Have you tried these? Although I'm not sure if they're just English or not but they are so good.

 Anyone else just shove it up and leave it? One reason I shouldn't have long hair I guess. 

 This makes me happy. 

 So I got my hair dyed blonde, what to you think? 

 I love these two a lot. 

 My sister was so happy once she had a tan! I know she's really young and no she won't be having it done again for a while. 

I blame this song for my high expectations, I used to listen to Shania Twain religiously when I was small. 

 Hopefully by next week my hair will be fixed! Very thankful that the salon are going to correct it. 

So that's it, I'm going to leave you with one last message that we should all think about. 

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Abigale xo


  1. Ooh that pizza looks divine! I really need a tan as well. x

    1. It was so good!! I wish I could get a real tan :( xx