5 Reasons Why I Hate Bonfire Night

Now before I start I don't want to sound like a super depressed person who looks at everything negatively. But it becomes more and more apparent that I don't like bonfire night or the 5th November. I have compiled a short list of the reasons why I feel this way.

1. I am alone. I feel like it's an unwritten rule that fireworks are to be enjoyed with loved ones and since I am single and not particularly close to my famil, I then to just be reminded that it's another year that I am alone. Shit that was depressing, sorry!

2. Cold. The 5th November is ALWAYS cold. So having to stand outside in the cold is not really my idea of fun. I remember going to watch fireworks with my parents having to wear hats, gloves and scarves, otherwise you would freeze. Nowadays I just sit in my car watching them with the heating on.

3. Boring. I can count on the back of my hand the amount of firework shows I have actually enjoyed. These of course, were very expensive to put on. The ones that go on near me are very simple and not really worth watching.

4. Bad for the environment. And dogs! Sorry to sound boring and all but seriously, I am happy to dog sit anyone who wants to go out!

5. Idiots. I think every year I discover how stupid people can be. One time me and my family were parked on a cliff next to these young people. They started letting fireworks off in-between our cars, then they starting messing about with them and let one off sideways, which actually went under their car! They found it hilarious so they wanted to do it again - at which point dad quickly made us leave. Do people not realise these things are dangerous?!

Wow this post makes me look miserable - I can assure you I'm not! 

What are your thoughts on bonfire night? 


  1. I'm not a huge fan of Bonfire Night either! It's a whole lot of hype for very little interest in the end, it's always over so quickly and like you said it's usually freezing cold too x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. For some reason, fireworks fascinate me. Sounds so weird, but when I'm standing watching a display I get all tingly inside and just feel happy. Don't ask, it sounds so weird I know. Don't worry Ab, fireworks can be enjoyed solo. I've just got back from a display on my own. Haha yes I'm that loser standing along in the field :) although like you mentioned, because it was a small display; they were pretty pants! Can't beat London fireworks at New Year's Eve. Or as you know the ones I'm going to next weekend (again on my own)!
    But I can totally agree with your last point. I'll send you some shocking videos from around my area this year, the little shits have been awful this year and haven't even stopped where there are young kids about. Sorry but yes they're not toys, but part of me wishes they get minor injury or something to scare the f**k out of them so they'll stop. Ergh kids these days think they're invincible, makes me so angry xxx

    1. Oh you should so sigh the petition to ban fireworks from public use. Think either public displays only, or people with a licence like they do in Ireland (I think)? Xx