Reviving Old Albums | Of Mice and Men - My Head is an Animal

Now this album came out in 2011 and I absolutely loved it. So did the UK when it got to number 3 in the UK charts, its now got a over 1 million sales worldwide. After listening to it on repeat for about a month, I never got bored - somehow I simply forgot about the album.  I have no idea how you can just forget a whole album/artist but I did.
It wasn't until I was on Spotify the other day listening to a Feel Good playlist that Little Talks came on and it reminded me of the uniquely amazing band that I once loved. Immediately I thought, I must share this with my blog so that I never forget it again, so here I am.

For those of you who don't know Of Mice and Men are a indie-pop five-piece who never really made it big time as such(in the UK especially), but for those indie folk amongst us they were a breath of fresh air. They're just so different and fresh that their music never really went out of fashion. As you can tell because the album is now 4 years old and still one of my favourites.

It means a lot to me when I can listen to a whole album and not skip any songs  - this album definitely does that. Each track from the album is different and catchy, you just can't skip any! 

Anyway, I'm sure you've all heard of it before so here's My Head is an Animal. 

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  1. I found out about them through IHeartRadio. Love some of their stuff not so into some of their others stuff but you are right they do have a unique sound

    1. That's surprising that you don't like all their stuff, I guess they're very different. I love all of their music because I feel like its a breath of fresh air in comparison to other music.