5 Things I Want To Do This Summer | 2015 - UPDATE!

So back in May I wrote a list of 5 things I wanted to achieve by the end of the summer. It's practically the end of the summer so lets see how well I did. If you didn't see the post read it here. 

1 - Kick fitness' ass and get healthier  Done
Well I would like to think I have done this, I mean I'm still not as fit as I would like to be but I'm better. I no longer drink 5 glasses of coke a week, I've changed to sparkling water. I aim to drink around 1/1.5 litres of water a day which is great, I feel much better for it too. I can now also run for an acceptable amount of time whereas before I would get tired after 1 minute. All marathons have to start somewhere right?!
2 - Change my hairstyle Done
I'm still pretty tempted to cut my hair short but for now I'm enjoying it how it is. I had blonde added to my hair and now I'm practically blonde but with dark roots. I went through such trouble and loads of money trying to get it blonde, all because the first hairdressers messed it up and then told me I wouldn't be able to bleach my hair again... Little do they realised I had it bleached 2 or 3 times after that. Everyone is currently telling me to dye it back dark because I don't suit it, we'll see... 

3 - Get my passport sorted 
There had to be something I didn't do! It actually never crossed my mind. I have had so much going on that I didn't even think about getting my passport. I'll try and remember to do that soon! 

4 - Save money Done
Although I haven't been able to save too much money I have spent my money so wisely and I feel like my money management has gotten so much better. 

5 - Never turn down an opportunity Done 
Aside from the fact I have been ill all summer I have definitely done a lot more than I used to. Now the doctors have said I'm better I feel like I will be able to do more. I mean I guess I have done this because I couldn't really help getting ill! 

I would do a winter version of this but I recently started a monthly goals so I don't really want to have goals everywhere because I'll probably end up forgetting. Go check them out if you haven't see them yet. 

Thanks for reading! What did you achieve this summer? 

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