Things to do this weekend

I find myself wasting so much time. When I don't plan anything I end up staying in bed for hours and then I wish I had done something. I always used to write goals on my blog and most of the time I would stick to them if I had published them with the world. So that's why I'm here today - to write my plans or goals over the weekend.
To do:

1. Work hard at work and make a difference
2. Go for a walk and take pretty pictures
3. Go shopping
4. Read a little
5. Plan another blog post
6. Read 6 new blogs
7. Watch a film with my little sister
8. Tan a little
9. Go out on Saturday night
10. Workout twice

Hopefully I can achieve these over the weekend, I know it's not exactly anything exciting but its much better than sitting around doing nothing. What are your plans for the weekend?

1 comment:

  1. I completely understand about writing them for everyone to see so you don't slack off as much. Maybe that's something I need to do?! I like the fact you have realistic goals for this weekend. I don't have much planned. After a long, busy week I'm just looking forward to chilling out, catching up on blogs and working on my own. Good luck and enjoy :)
    Love Hannah xx